The Fight for Female Equality Continues: Ann Olivarius


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/12/2013 -- After the signing of the 2009 Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act, the future looked bright for female pay in America. However, the gap between how much men and women are paid keeps widening. A woman doing the same job as her male compatriot is expected to earn 18% less during her lifetime. Some women with the highest educational attainments will still earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, pounds or euros less during their lifetime, including in leading financial capitals such as London and New York.

One of the greatest supporters of women’s rights and equality in the workplace is Ann Olivarius, New York born lawyer. Ann Olivarius,attorney,has gained plaudits for her ardent support of women’s rights and equality.

Ann Olivarius’ interest in equality stretches back to her time at Yale College. In recognition of her leadership at Yale, Ann Olivarius was asked to write a report on the Status of Women at the university by the Yale Corporation. Included in it were testimonials and a discussion of professors sexually harassing female students. After collecting these accounts, Ann Olivarius presented a detailed report to officials but Yale did nothing about the problem. Facing a lack of action by the University, Ann Olivarius, along with one faculty member and four students, brought the landmark suit Alexander v. Yale against the University. Though dismissed on other grounds, the case was the catalyst for a change in the law that found a university that allowed sexual harassment to persist unchallenged was guilty of sex discrimination. This doctrine has become accepted throughout the American legal system, and Yale, as well as almost every university in the country, has instituted sexual harassment grievance procedures.

A member of one of the first group of women selected as a Rhodes Scholars, Ann Olivarius has been interested in the trajectory of the careers and successes of her fellow scholars. Seeking ongoing answers to equality issues and to understand the variety of challenges women face in developing their careers, Ann Olivarius’ Rhodes Projectwas launched to examine the lifestyles, occupations, values, beliefs and successes of the first generation of women Rhodes Scholars.

Having served on the boards of several charitable foundations, Ann Olivarius’ Generation Next! is a UK charity supported by her firm, which seeks to alleviate suffering born from inadequate healthcare and lack of educational opportunity. It supports children in Johannesburg, South Africa by providing funds for general education of disadvantaged students. By raising capital for this project, scores have been given a better start in life.

About Ann Olivarius
Having founded transatlantic law firm McAllister Olivarius, where she is Chair of the Executive Committee, Ann Olivarius not only looks after the legal needs of businesses, but continues to fight on behalf of women across the world who experience struggles with inequality in the workplace. Although attitudes are evolving, many sectors are still heavily biased towards men. Her firm has been accredited by the Law Society of England and Wales’ Lexcel programme in 2011, 2012 and 2013 and has been ranked in the top 2.5% of English law firms.

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