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'The Final Plague,' a New Zombie-Based Web Series Looks to Entertain Audiences Worldwide


Franklin, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2014 -- The Final Plague” is a new zombie-based web series that is ready to start production. The series is the product of Austin Morrow, a director, writer and actor with big dreams.

“My goal is to one day be able to open an independent filming company, Morrow Pictures, and produce motion pictures, with the possibility of turning out major films,” said Morrow.

Morrow has been working on “The Final Plague” for approximately 18 months. He said that being able to finally see the script on screen would be a breathtaking achievement.

The story of “The Final Plague” follows the hero, Jack Evergreen, through hordes of the undead who rose up and overtook mankind, shattering society. The adventure takes him where there is no government or anything else to fight the zombies except for those who have survived. As Evergreen wanders the land, he stumbles upon a group of survivors. He's quickly thrust into control over the group, and begins to work to help them thrive. Through it all, he leads them through a multitude of challenges and frightening encounters with the undead.

“The Final Plague started out as an idea for a short film to do during the summer,” said Morrow. “It developed from being about a group of teenagers with a zombie hunter, to what it is today.”

To bring this undead concept to life, Morrow started an indiegogo.com campaign to raise support funds. He is looking to raise $20,000 by May 11, 2014.

According to the website, most of the funding will go toward getting supplies and props, as well as a filming location, and everything seen on screen. A portion also goes to paying the cast and crew. Every dollar raised will go toward building a high-quality series.

Perks range anywhere from a special title in the credits of each episode, to custom gear based on the series, said Morrow.

In addition, people who help in the fundraising effort can receive custom swag from the series or even props that were used in filming.

Morrow added that people can also help by spreading the word about “The Final Plague” with friends and on social media.

About The Final Plague
The Final Plague is a new zombie-based Web series that follows a hero through a zombie-infested world of danger. For more information, please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-final-plague-season-one--2/x/6594427#home