The Financing of Nuclear Power Plants - a Major Challenge Facing the Industry New Report


Naperville, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2012 -- The financing of nuclear power projects has been a major hurdle obstructing the development of the global nuclear power industry for a long time. Various factors have been observed to increase the difficulties of financing such projects, such as uncertain market conditions, questioning the return on investment and its payback period, huge initial capital costs which are constantly escalating, and a reduction in financing options for nuclear power projects. These have collectively contributed to the economic challenges faced by the nuclear power industry. In comparison to other sectors in the power generation industry, nuclear plants require one of the highest amounts of capital infusion, which discourages investors in the industry and encourages investment in other cheaper technologies, such as coal and natural gas. In addition, renewable energy technologies are benefiting from increasing government subsidies, leading to a further decline in the economic appeal of nuclear power.


- The report focuses on the financing hurdles faced by the nuclear industry
- Identifies the impact of rising safety concerns on financial requirements of nuclear plants
- Specifies the impact of anti nuclear policies on market conditions

Reasons to buy

- Understand the various factors dettering investment in nuclear plants
- Facilitate investment decision-making based on current challenges faced by the nuclear industry
- Understand how uncertain policies impact market conditions

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