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Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/09/2017 -- MyAppStaller LLC is the founder and inventor of the revolutionary Pay-Per-App network. The network provides an opportunity for mobile users to make money installing apps and playing games. Be it an Android device or an IOS device, users can simply install apps and earn money through the Mobile App Rewards. While Android users can download the apps from Play Store, IOS users can download the apps from their App Store. But first, they have to get themselves registered with MyAppStaller. The network supports over 200 countries and all the mobile devices such as Samsung smart phones, tables, iPhones, iPads and so on. This network is the first ever pay per app install network in the mobile marketing industry that specializes in incentive CPI installs. Users can simply get paid per app install and playing fun games at their own leisure.

From students to home makers, stay at home parents to retired professionals; anyone can be a part of this network. They can gain access to hundreds of offers made by apps from across the world. They can simply download them, play the games and earn money. The site currently has a large inventory of games and mobile apps for users to install them and make money as much as they can and from 3 devices in the same home. The site also upgrades the inventory from time to time so as to provide a wider range of offers for the users.

Users can also earn additional money by referring their friends or family to this network. Each user will get a unique referral code which can be used by them to send to their contacts. They can also share the same through social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Every successful referral will earn them additional rewards by way of referral commission. Users will not only get a chance to know more about the productive apps but will also earn money at the same time. It is as simple as creating an account here and getting started right away with no joining formalities at all.

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MyAppStaller LLC, based at Palm Beach Gardens, Florida offers the very revolutionary pay-per-app installation network and mobile app rewards.

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