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The Fitness Firesale Review - Is It a SCAM


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2014 -- The Fitness Fire Sale program has generated a lot of hype since it was launched. It is an online money making system that was designed by Craig Kaye and Rob Walker. The system features several website building tools and training videos. Using these tools, Craig and Rob claim to offer a simple way to earn money online. Their product has become so popular in recent years that many people wonder just what makes it capture so much attention. Well, to find answers to this question, users need to learn what this application is all about and the promises that if offers to users.

What is The Fitness Fire sale?
This is a brand new site about Eric Holmlund, Jeff Wellman, and Paul Count’s January launch.Eric Holmlund is a tremendously successful affiliate marketer, Jeff Wellman and Paul Counts is the top marketer in the health and fitness industry.

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Most people starting out in affiliate marketing usually have no idea of how the industry works. It is because of this reason that many individuals look for tools that can help them to get started with online marketing. Even before people make a decision on the tools to use to build an online business, they will want to assess the income generating potential of their chosen method. From the word go, Fitness Fire sale will capture one’s attention if they are looking for a way to earn money online.

Craig and Rob claim that their system can help people to start earning $300 to $1000 per day. Now, earning that much money takes time, and especially if people have no skills in online marketing. However, the great thing about Fitness Fire sale is that the creators of this system say users do not need any technical skills. These claims have definitely sparked a lot of interest, which explains the hype surrounding this product.

The Fitness Fire sale Review:
This is all about the super-profitable health and fitness industry.

Majority people agree that it’s one of the biggest and most profitable niches on the Internet. And perhaps the best part is that it’s EVERGREEN. It’s a niche that has been profitable since the advent of information products, and it WILL ALWAYS be a good niche, because people will always be looking to improve their health and fitness.

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The problem is, it can be difficult to break into the fitness niche unless people are an expert, and very difficult to create a good product for this niche.

This fire sale will solve that problem by giving every customer some incredible fitness-related products that they can sell as their own products.

The “flagship” product is a muscle-building course that was created by a true professional in the industry. It’s an awesome product; he just didn’t know how to market it.

In addition to this high value course (with Resale Rights), there will be many other components included, such as eBooks, product reviews, squeeze pages, plugging, graphics, and additional fitness products and courses… all with RIGHTS.

The OTO is $97, and includes some huge upgrades, PLUS full Private Label Rights for the front end package. It’s going to be an extremely compelling package.

Well for a start, people can automatically create a Word Press website and choose a domain name while using this application. In addition to that, it can launch an affiliate site with everything in place, whether it is one’s affiliate links, banner advertisements, or content. With Fitness Fire sale, people will even get help in choosing which niche to venture into before they even embark on creating online marketing websites. To get a better understanding of what this program is capable of doing, here is the website building tools that it offers.

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Website Building Tools Offered by Fitness Fire sale:
The Domain Match Tool- when buying a domain name, it is advisable to choose a customized URL that contains keywords that people are using to find information online. This technique is called exact domain matching. Rob and Craig’s affiliate marketing system comes with an inbuilt domain name tool, which will help users to come up with ideal the ideal URL for their website.

Cash Creator Set-up tool/ Website Builder— with this feature, launching affiliate sties has never been more simple. Users just enter their website hosting details and within minutes, the Fitness Fire sale website-builder will launch their ‘cash creator’ site. The software works with Word Press, which gives users an added advantage. This is because Word Press is an easy to use content management system. In addition to launching one’s website, this software also inserts banner ads in his or her affiliate site.

Content Creator Toolkit— this tool simply helps users to create content for their websites. It sources for articles on the web and rewords them in order to avoid publishing duplicate content on one’s website. A person will even get an auto-posting tool that sets up his affiliate site with videos and product reviews on the fly.

These are the main website building tools offer by Fitness Fire sale. However, this application provides more help than simply designing affiliate websites. It also comes with the click bank product finder. An essential part earning affiliate commission is designing a website that promotes products that people are actually looking for on the web. The product finder tool will help every individual to know the most sought click bank products.

The Fitness Fire sale is every individual’s best choice. The last good news that will make people excited about this product are so successfully satisfied the customers that Eric Holmlund et al is confident to offer The Fitness Fire sale with 100% money back guarantee?—?no question asked. It means that people have no risk give it a try.

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