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The Float Lounge in Laguna Beach Announces Its Grand Opening


Laguna Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2012 -- The Float Lounge, a new company that offers the use of floatation tanks for those with busy lifestyles or anyone who simply wishes to relax as naturally as possible, is celebrating its Grand Opening.

More and more people are searching for and embracing alternative ways to treat ailments, deal with other lifestyle issues like stress, or just relax at the end of a tough day. The team behind The Float Lounge, Jeff Brion and Rosanne Ramirez, first saw the potential for the floatation tanks to enhance their own holistic lifestyle practices, and then as an opportunity to share with others.

“It is a perfect tool to implement with our other services we offer, thus expanding our reach within the community,” Brion stated.

Prior to setting up The Float Lounge, both Brion and Ramirez had to travel long distances to use a floatation tank; it was this commute that quickly drove them to create the floatation experience in their own backyard.

The idea of using a floatation tank is very simple: people lay in 10 inches of water that’s been combined with 1,000 pounds of high grade mineral Epsom salts and heated to around 93 degrees. This creates superior buoyancy and is designed to let the body to enter into a deep state of relaxation by reducing external stimuli while allowing the Epsom salts to relieve the body of compression.

At the Float Lounge there are two separate rooms, each with its own private shower, organic towels, bath products and a 5-by-9 foot floatation tank for people to enjoy.

Brion and Rosanne, who are also certified holistic health practitioners, said they have been fans of using floatation tanks since the first time they discovered them because they know the multitude of health benefits that come from their continued use.

“In our fast paced society it has become ever more important to balance our stress levels by incorporating relaxation techniques,” Brion said. “There are many contributors to stress, and in our opinion, this is the leading cause of disease.”

Rosanne added, “A 1-hour session in the float tank is equivalent to 4 hours of deep restful sleep and will also aid in detoxifying the body. This is not just a business for us, it’s a lifestyle. We are excited and grateful to be able to share this with everyone.”

Using a floatation tank with stimuli reduction is a positive one that allows people to free their minds while freeing their bodies from the pull of gravity. The idea of being able to recharge the body in a single 1-hour session at The Float Lounge is something that is appealing to a growing number of people living in Laguna Beach and surrounding areas.

About The Float Lounge
Based in Laguna Beach, California, The Float Lounge is a business run by two certified holistic health practitioners who have both experienced the benefits of alternative healing methods in their own lives. Each session at The Float Lounge is 60-minutes in duration and customers can also take advantage of the company’s monthly membership offers. For more information, please visit http://www.feelingfunctional.com/float-lounge

The Float Lounge
1891 South Coast Highway, Ste. A
Laguna Beach
CA 92651