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The Forex Trendy: An Untouchable Trading Tool

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Assendelft, SR -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2013 -- The markets are ripe with opportunity and the ability to advance financially is here. But with so many bells and whistles trying to get trader's attention, it's difficult to decipher the shiny objects that will only waste time from the true gems that will propel a trader forward in both finances and skill.

A new and innovative Forex tool known as the Forex Trendy is giving traders of all levels of experience the chance to win big by using a software system that follows the trend, minimizes losses, and uncovers which currency pairs are most profitable.

Any profitable trader already knows the old adage, "the trend is your friend," but the hard part is in knowing what is actually a trend and what is truly a choppy price action waiting for a traders emotions to take over. The Forex Trendy takes care of this problem for good. With the Forex Trendy, traders are no longer forced to wonder where the real trend is at. It's all laid out in a clear, precise, and easy-to-maneuver manner.

309 Charts?

While the markets are certainly still profitable, everyone is tedious with the trades they make and the currencies they follow. Uncertain conditions make traders think they need to develop a system revolving around one or two currency pairs to minimize losses. While this can be profitable in the long run, it's no where near as potentially profitable as what could happen when analyzing and comparing all currencies.

In the end, the total number of currencies that the Forex Trendy analyzes is approximately 34 pairs. But not just this, these currency pairs are monitored on every time frame, which ends up as 306 charts being monitored by the Forex Trendy. No matter how skilled a trader may be, there is no possible way any human can keep a constant eye on 309 charts.

The Forex Trendy is the ultimate software solution so traders can capitalize every day of the week, even during uncertain market conditions. So how does the Forex Trendy work? Read below to find out how this unique trend scanner is changing the Forex game for good.

How Forex Trendy Works

Through the members area of the Forex Trendy, traders are immediately presented with a set of charts monitoring specific currencies. With one glance at these charts, traders can see the currency, the direction it is currently going, the percentage of the trend drawdown, and the number of pips for each pair.

Traders have the option to choose which currency pairs they want to examine as well as which time frames they want to look out for. One of the more special aspects of this system is the alert feature that will alert traders when the trend drawdown falls below a certain percentage. Through these and a few other variables, traders will get an instant notification when any currency pair that matches their set criteria is met.

Another section of the members area is the "Pattern" section. The Pattern section is valuable in that it eliminates the need for traders to decipher a possible upcoming pattern point. Not only do these pattern charts state which pattern is currently emerging, (such as a flag, triangle, or falling wedge), but it even draws out the pattern to pin point the patterns exact location to the trader. This is done by a recognition algorithm that knows how to find true pattern

Changing the Way Traders Look at the Forex

The Forex Trendy eliminates the need for applying complicated technical signals and constant monitoring. And although the Forex Trendy is a powerful tool in itself, it is still up to the trader to decide which currency pair holds the most profits and lowest risk. It's safe to say that the Trendy Forex is changing the way traders are looking at their charts, and it virtually eliminates the need for traditional methods.

So what are you waiting for? If you're not using the Forex Trendy, you're not monitoring every possible currency pair.

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