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The Forklift Company Lifts Businesses to Greater Heights


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2012 -- Oftentimes consumers don’t think much about how products end up on shelves in the stores they buy from. In almost all cases, these products are shipped from warehouses and depots, starting in far-off continents, to shipping containers, to store shelves. At every step of that process, the humble forklift truck has been lifting and stacking millions of crates, boxes and massed produce to ensure that commerce flows uninterrupted.

The Forklift Company is one of the best regarded in the United Kingdom, currently serving supermarket megastores like Asda, music titans like HMV, fashion icons like Gucci and the nation’s quintessential bookstore WH Smiths. Many of these are proud to endorse their association with the company, with testimonials attesting to their excellent technical advice, customer service and delivery.

Their website features hundreds of forklifts of every conceivable type. Gas powered, electric powered, diesel powered, three wheeled and four wheeled, compact and heavy duty, all with their own particular applications, strengths and abilities. Their aim is to offer unparalleled choice and the best forklift for any purpose.

When clicking on a forklift, a plethora of high quality images from every angle is provided to give potential buyers a full understanding of the equipment’s dimensions and operation, together with a thorough product description and table listing the schematic details. The site is also quick to display offers including interest free credit, free delivery, 30 day warranty and a rental option for forklift hire at highly competitive prices.

The Forklift Company also offers a wide range of associated equipment such as side loaders, pedestrian or ‘walk along’ forklift apparatus, pallet trucks and flexi/bendi articulated forklifts for difficult maneuvering in cramped spaces.

A spokesman for the company described their contribution, “We have testimonials from the NHS, HMV, and plenty of other major clients attesting to the fact that working with us has enabled them to increase their productivity and make the whole industrial process of distribution at the highest level that much easier. We’re striving to become the UK’s number one forklift company, and all indications from our clients point toward that being a possibility.”

About The Forklift Company
The Forklift Company strives to be the UK's number 1 forklift company, selling used forklifts and hiring forklifts of all types, shapes and sizes, and supplies some of the UK's biggest brands including Moonpig, the NHS, WH Smith, ASDA, HMV and Gucci. For more information please visit: