The Fraud Institute Releases Free Report on Deep Web Cyber-Fraud

From an interview with M-CAT Enterprises CEO Anyck Turgeon, The Fraud Institute releases a free report on deep web fraud titled Deep Web Fraud 101.


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2014 -- The Fraud Institute, Anyck Turgeon and M-CAT Enterprises (M-CAT), a private provider of global security, fraud and enterprise growth management solutions, want to educate the general public and corporations about the threats all face daily from cyber-crime.

Rarely do breached organizations or individuals know about what happens to their information once it is stolen. With access to only four percent of the web, the public is unaware of the remaining ninety-six percent of internet content and transactions being performed every nanosecond. With over 7.9 trillions of megabytes of hidden content, the ìDeep Webî and ìDark Webî offer organizations like ISIS (The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), other terrorist groups and organized crime, an opportunity to surpass the financial wealth of their competitors through highly-profitable cyber-fraud exchanges. By taking a deep dive into each layer of the ìDeep Webî, readers will learn why and how cyber-fraud crimes are gaining momentum.

While security breached corporations face lawsuits, IRS audits, bankruptcies, employee departures or terminations and business closures, individuals with stolen identities remain most vulnerable. Although financial losses are often covered by financial organizations like banks and credit card providers, end-consumers end up with negative credit reports, denied job applications, frozen access to money and financial assets as well as isolation from their entourage. Fraud also impacts victims emotionally, often leaving them in a prolonged state of despair state to severe depression. In the worst cases, fraud has led victims and perpetrators to commit suicide. Examples of such tragedies include Bernie Madoffís son Mark, Rene-Thierry De la Villehuchet (French aristocrat and money manager who lost $1B of clients' money in Madoff scheme) and Center City lawyer Andrew H. Gaber (who was caught committing insurance fraud).

To learn about the threats and risks citizens to small and large companies face daily, download this free report at:

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