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The Freeman Spine and Pain Institute Has Treatment Options Available for Lumbar Radiculopathy


Edison, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2017 -- Individuals experience chronic pain for many reasons, and when it is not localized in one area, it can be difficult to diagnose. Fortunately, the physicians at the Freeman Spine and Pain Institute have extensive experience diagnosing chronic pain conditions such as lumbar radiculopathy. In fact, these knowledgeable back pain doctors in Edison, NJ can accurately diagnose this condition and recommend the best treatment option for the patient.

While chronic back pain can take many forms, lumbar radiculopathy is often characterized by a numb or tingling feeling in the legs or arms. It may also present itself as an ongoing, localized pain in the neck or back. Some patients also experience a condition called sciatica, which is pain that occurs along the sciatic nerve. Lumbar radiculopathy occurs when the nerves exiting the spinal column are compressed or irritated. This can be caused by disc herniation, osteoarthritis, scoliosis, the presence of a tumor, or diabetes.

The physician will ask for the patient's medical history and perform a preliminary physical exam to diagnose the condition. To determine the specific source of the pain, the doctor may request certain imaging, such as an X-ray, MRI, or CT scan. Once the source has been pinpointed, he or she will recommend the most effective treatment option for the patient. Some individuals benefit from physical therapy or chiropractic treatment to manage their pain, while others may choose to receive epidural injections at their office in Edison, NJ.

Anyone who requires assistance to manage their chronic pain caused by lumbar radiculopathy is encouraged to make an appointment at the Freeman Spine and Pain Institute by calling 877-710-9324.

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