The Friends Mobile Invitational: New Event Created for Professional Golfers to Establish Their Own Success and Legacy


Woodbridge, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2014 -- A new event has been created online to help professional golfers establish their own success and legacy. The Friends Mobile Invitational caters to the demands of those professional golfers who are tired of traditional sponsorship. It is a revolutionary concept founded by professional golfer, James Doucettperry. The new event supports all the male golfers who are grinding every day.

The Friends Mobile Invitational is a revolutionary system that enables your family members, friends as well as strangers from around the country to support you while simultaneously earning during the process. What makes it revolutionary is that it enables everybody who joins to earn by just telling other people about how to earn using something they already know and love…their mobile phones.

To get started, access and then get your personal invitation to the party. There is no need to harass your friends and family members, instead, just tell other people about the program by simply plugging into the proven system. After which, you can earn cash as well as achieve your own dreams while at the same time helping others achieve theirs.

The event date and location will be determined when half of the maximum field (82 golfers) has registered for the event and met the qualifying requirements.

This event also promotes two of James Doucettperry's favorite charities, The Folds of Honor Foundation and Healthy Child Healthy World (see past event at

The Friends Mobile Invitational enables the first 132 professional golfers and amateurs who successfully reach the Thousandair status to qualify for the event. Solavei powers Friends Mobile’s business opportunity on the T-Mobile network. Once users sign up for this program, they can also choose earning free service as well as be given the opportunity to generate residual income.

Once you have decided to become a customer and let others know about this type of opportunity, you can make use and benefit from the effectively proven marketing system of Friend’s Mobile. You do not have to worry about having any experience as the system is designed to be a game changer and is revolutionary, requiring no prior experience.

Should you decide promoting the services to generate income, you just have to follow the Friends Mobile compensation plan. Members like you can personally recruit other people and add them to your direct down-line. You can recruit as many down-lines as you can, and grow your network whenever your personal connections recruit others to join the program. Each representative’s down-line includes trio grouping. This is the core of the referral program and the payouts. You can earn as much as $20 per trio with Trio Pay and add it to your personal network per month.

As a professional golfer, this will enable you practice without worrying about your finances, and allow you to properly prepare to do your best for the upcoming Friends Mobile Invitational event. Friends Mobile powered by Solavei on the T-Mobile network will also allow you to become your own sponsor as well as create your own success. You can start by finding 82 people who will support you by simply switching their cell phone service or signing up for new service at and encourage them to help you grow your network using a proven system to help you achieve your dream of playing golf on the PGA Tour.