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The Function of Functional Training


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2013 -- The media seems to categorize exercise into three different categories: strength training/weight lifting, cardio, and yoga. While these three are the most common, and various types of exercise programs can fall into any one of these, fitness trainers and physicians have been promoting a new “category” of exercises that benefit any member of the population.

Functional Training has been defined as any type of exercise that has a direct relationship to activities one performs in their daily lives, and this type of training has many researching the benefits and how they can mimic these movements in the gym environment.

This type of training has been around for years, and is designed for athletes and recreational exercisers alike. Whether a person runs marathons regularly, or is a homemaker looking for more efficient ways to carry children from place to place without injury, functional training can assist in the everyday movements of life. Physical therapists coined the term and subsequently developed exercises which mimicked with their patients did at home that first caused an injury. By training patients how to properly form these repetitive everyday movements, therapists not only noticed overall strength improved, but patients showed more body awareness and attention to the other movements they made every day and made an effort to strengthen those as well.

By training more functionally, exercisers are not only gaining strength and improving healthy, they are improving balance and range of motion that assist them with movement inside and outside the gym or training facility.
Some examples of functional training moves include squats, with or without added shoulder movements for upper body strength, bicep curls to help with lifting grocery bags or any other objects, and wood chopper movements to tone and strengthen the core and back.

When organizing and arranging a fitness routine, be sure to include some of these movements and experience not only an increase in overall strength, but an easier time performing everyday tasks associated with living.

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