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The Funniest Tweets of the Day Are Now on Riot Tweets


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2013 -- Long day? Need a break? Then why not head over to Riot Tweets to read the funniest tweets of the day. Everyone appreciates a good laugh, it can just turn a bad day around and give people a chance to relax. There are millions of people who use Twitter every day. Twitter has become one of the most popular websites out there right now and with so many people using the website and tweeting about anything and everything, it is no surprise that twitter has its fair share of people with highly active funny bones.

Twitter has millions of opinions from people on just about every subject there is, from the highly popular to things that nobody really thinks or cares about. Hence, there is always something funny to say and something funny to be read on twitter. Unfortunately, most people do not always get the chance to read and appreciate such tweets. Riot Tweets is a platform for people to read a selection of the funniest tweets from Twitter users. It is a website that will allow people to enjoy the funniest tweets all available in one place.

The team at Riot Tweets follow all the world's wittiest Twitter users and pick the best by hand, every day, thus this is possibly the best selection of witty and funny tweets available anywhere on the internet. Readers can not only read the tweets but also get the chance to vote for their favorites as the funniest among the selection. The tweets are divided into different categories for the ease of readers. Additionally, readers can enjoy witty, shocking, and dirty tweets about popular topics trending on twitter. Most news can be dull and boring but by reading the tweets about trending topics on Riot Tweets people will be able to see a wittier perspective about the hottest news out there.

Furthermore, anyone who thinks their tweets might be funny and will make others laugh can also submit their own tweet on the website, and if other readers find the submission finny they can vote for the tweet and the tweet might earn a place in the coveted Riot Tweets Hall Of Fame. This equals to a chance to earn some serious bragging rights about their comic abilities.

There might be other similar websites out there offering the same thing but the best laughs are definitely on Riot Tweets, as the name of the website shows that the tweets on this website are not just funny, they are in fact a riot.

For the most obnoxious, witty, and funny tweets of the day head over to:

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