The Future of Direct Communications Technologies and Proximity-Based Applications and Services


Naperville, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2013 -- Reportstack, provider of premium market research reports announces the addition of The Future of Direct Communications Technologies and Proximity-based Applications and Services market report to its offering

There are a number of technologies that may be deployed that all provide the ability for devices to "discover" one another, although over different distances ranging from centimeters (Near Field Communications), to meters (Bluetooth), to 10s of meters (Wi-Fi). They also all provide the ability for the devices to communicate directly with one another without a centralized network. Some of these use direct communication as their primary mode of communication e.g. NFC or RFID. Others are more traditional networks which provide direct communication ability as an adjunct to their primary network functions e.g. LTE-Direct or Wi-Fi Direct.


Most of the short-term drivers for proximity-based services will be mobile advertising and social networking, especially friend-finder services or dating services, and gaming. In the longer term, other applications will come into play within the scope of the so called Internet of Things. 


The challenge  and opportunity for network operators will be to develop new user scenarios and even new business models to generate revenues from these services.  This research uncovers opportunities that will be both beneficial and disruptive to the existing ecosystem and value chain.  This research is must reading for any company that is considering offerings within proximity and direct communications and any company that wants to stay ahead of the crowd in terms of preparation for these disruptive technologies.

Key Report Benefits: 

  • Market forecasts for each significant technology/solution approach

  • Recognize the upcoming role and importance of LTE Direct compared to other solutions

  • Analysis of the major vendors focused on proximity and direct communications solutions

  • Understand the relationship between proximity, direct communications and the Internet of Things

  • Understand the technical and business-related differences between proximity/presence and location

  • Identify each of the major technologies/solutions for proximity detection, location determination, and direct communications

  • Evaluation of the market for major applications including public safety, social networking, advertising, the Internet of Things, and general location services


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