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Aurora, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2019 -- A standard glass panel can be transformed into an Interactive glass panel with the addition of interactive touch film. Applications are varied and diverse, spanning advertising and gaming to complex engineering and healthcare projects. The features which have become so commonplace on smartphones and touch screen computers like being able to expand an image, contract an image, slide an image across and screen, and even rotate an image offer a versatile and intuitive experience on interactive glass screens. Wall-mounted screens in an office provide a functional and practical focal point for meetings and demonstrations, and are an impressive marketing tool able to deliver a polished presentation, with the added advantage of being able to improvise as the meeting digresses, using the various touch screen prompts to pursue a new thread of the conversation, clearly a much more effective and adaptable format than a fixed presentation. Make the most of crisp displays with vibrant and colorful images to impress potential clients.

Many offices have a central meeting room which could also be surrounded by other desks. When privacy is paramount, it can be distracting to suspend a meeting in order to close all the blinds or double check nobody is able to see into the room. The action not only takes time, but it also draws attention to the privacy issue and may lead to colleagues outside the room feeling excluded. One solution is privacy on-demand smart glass, which is in practice possible through the application of smart film, otherwise known as a PDLC layer, as Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal is used within the film or glass layers. At the touch of a button, the glass panels of the office can switch from transparent to opaque, providing the privacy required in a professional manner. An additional benefit of the smart glass is that Smart film blocks over 98% of UV rays all of the time, regardless of the film being on or off. With a US production facility based in-house in Colorado, quality control and customer service are always a priority for GlassTek, Their team of experts can advise which solution is best for each client.

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GlassTek was founded by Jin Pak in 2015 who is also President of H&H Construction. GlassTek is strongly positioned to grow and expand to be the premier glass technology company in the Nation, with products such as Smart Glass, Switchable Glass, Switchable privacy glass, Smart Film, 3D Laser Engraved Glass, Interactive Touch Screens, Mirror TV, LED Mirrors, interactive glass, touch screen glass displays, and Interactive Multimedia Products. With in-house manufacturing, custom fabrications, direct service, and installation service, the team of GlassTek experts are on hand to answer questions and help find the customized glass technology for your home or business. From an LED vanity mirror for your home to electric privacy glass for your office, the team of experts at GlassTek have the latest state-of-the-art glass innovations. For more information about GlassTek products and services, please visit:

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