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Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2012 -- The Future of Health Now Review is a summit operating online whose aim is to provide clients with information on health that can help improve their physical health and is based on science. The Future of Health Now Review has taken into account many different specialties in order to make sure that customers get to enjoy the dynamic information which in return can highly boost their lives. These features consist of Big names like Daphne Oz, Dr. Mark Hyman, Tim Ferriss, John Mackie, Bill Phillips as well as Dr. Damien Amen; specialized doctors and highly experienced speakers to help consumers in this once in a lifetime process.

Audios, transcriptions and actions will be used in all the interviews to help the clients in making the correct presentations and decisions. Consumers are expected to pay in order to access recorded interviews but all aired interviews are accessed for free. Consumers have three membership levels that enable them to attend all the twenty interviews. There is the VIP silver pass that gives members the privilege of attending interviews which are professional and also grants them access to unique and new updates for a number of months; VIP Gold Pass that enables members to attend interviews that are special and enter into all the recent and unique updates for up to six months The most privileged,VIP Platinum Pass, grants members access to the special interviews but also access to the unique and recent updates for a period of twelve months.

All the links to information about the speakers, experts, scientists, doctors and interviews are available in The Future of Health Now site. Some of the links you can find there talk about how one can finally discover a way to succeed that is unique to him or her, the Future of Health Now 2012 and secrets of the five percent of people who have gotten results from using the Future of Health Now product.

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A group of professionals who have bought The Future of Health Now and tested it say that the product is very detailed, easy to use, of great assistance and is just what they had been looking for in a very long time. These professionals also recognized the product for been a genuine and affordable in terms of price. The specialists went further to acknowledge the reliability, efficiency and customer support assistance available on the products website.

Earlier, Future of Health Now had issues of people wondering whether or not it is a scam. However, through analyzing of the product by experts proves that it is legitimate. Customers are guaranteed to get back 100% of their money within sixty days of purchase if they are not satisfied with the product. This is a way of improving customer's confidence on the product and reducing risks involved. Customers should ensure that their download links are safe and authorized by either making their purchases from Future of Health Now Review's official website or using links that are authorized by the Future of Health Now.

More than 20 specialists have agreed to conduct interviews for this first ever live online health summit that is sponsored by whole foods marketplace, and therefore all members can expect to have their queries answered in the shortest time. Digital Products Review is a website that provides reviews of online products to consumers who are looking for more information about the products they are interested in. To find out more about The Future of Health Now, please visit: