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The Garden: Child Abuse, Foster Care & Mental Health Come Under Spotlight in Bold New Novel. Can They Turn Any Child Into a 'Monster'?

Written by Mark E. Baylor, ‘The Garden’ examines three vital societal issues that seldom get the attention they deserve. While wrapped into a gripping fictional thriller, the book’s pertinence to society has already helped it resonate with readers around the world.


Rocky Mount, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2013 -- While plenty of books offer readers a brief thrill with no afterthought, author Mark E. Baylor is using his first published novel to leave readers with a thought-provoking examination of the world around them. In ‘The Garden’, child abuse, mental health and the foster care system are put front-and-center for a blistering exposé’ of their effect on an innocent child’s future.

Uniquely fusing fact with fiction, Baylor’s novel is the first volume of a three-part series titled ‘The Montclair Murders’.


The garden lay silent. The harvest was complete. But the devil knows no happiness, only pain. Death comes with a smile, a dozen roses, and hungry for a meal. It's time to harvest the next flower for his garden. His first flower has been alone for quite a while. She'll finally have some company-and the town of Montclair will never be the same again. Kelvin Kettle is a man obsessed with revenge. He returns to the sleepy small town of his youth to plant his garden in the place where his soul first became twisted... The Garden is Book 1 of the Montclair Murders.

The author personifies each of the issues his narrative explores, in an attempt to bring them to vivid light in the minds of his readers.

“The principal character in The Garden is Kelvin Kettle. He suffered severe abuse in the foster care system. As a result of his experiences, he became one of the most dangerous and vicious serial killers ever. My upcoming series thrusts readers into the minds of killers to discover what can happen if a child isn’t given the love and compassion they crave. It isn’t pretty,” says Baylor, an Iraq War Veteran with a background in Law.

Continuing, “Even though the book is a thriller, it exposes to the reader some of the ways a child can be turned into a monster by the time they reach adulthood. Therefore, it straddles reality in a deliberate attempt to give readers plenty to think about.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews.

“The Garden by M. Everett Baylor is set to become the next big blockbuster thriller. Knowing it is only the first book in the Monclair Murders series is exciting. The Garden is full of suspense, intrigue, murder, and mystery. Readers will not want to put this book down because you never know what the next page will hold,” says one reader, reviewing the book on Amazon.

Another reader was equally as impressed, adding, “You will experience an adrenaline rush with the turn of every page while reading this well-paced thriller, with characters and a story line so real, you'll be "checking" on your neighbors for more reasons than one! I found myself so caught up in the townspeople of Montclaire and their experiences as the plot unfolded I had to look around and make sure I was not!”

‘The Garden’ is available now http://amzn.to/Ip007N.

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About M. Everett Baylor
M. Everett Baylor is an Iraq War Veteran with a background in law. He lives in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. He received a Master’s Degree in law from Champlain College in Burlington Vermont. He served his country for twenty two years in the United States Army. He is married to his wife Dorothy and they have two daughters; Markeeta and Aprilrain. The Garden is Book 1 of the Montclair Murder Series which contain five books total. Part two is titled; The Garden’s Last Flowers and the final book in the three part trilogy is entitled Kelvin Kettle. M. Everett Baylor has written over twenty five books with The Garden being the first one published. His writings include series in the genres of Romance, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Thrillers and Kid’s books as well.