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The Genesis Project- New 3-Volume Novel Fuses Science Fiction With Christian Undertones

Packing three exciting volumes into a single book, author Greg Van Arsdale takes readers on a journey through a Science Fiction world, with a protagonist based on Jesus himself.


Davenport, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2012 -- Taking the fiction and Christian worlds by storm, writer Greg Van Arsdale is delighted to announce the launch of his latest novel, ‘The Genesis Project’.

The three-volume Sci-Fi and Christian thriller depicts its protagonist, John Neumann as Jesus, tasked to come into the world and save those whose souls have been corrupted by a Doomsday virus. With a compelling plot, the book’s wide appeal is set to satisfy the literary cravings of readers everywhere.

Official synopsis:

John Neumann creates a virtual world on the ethereal plane. There, he places people who are deathly sick, using the power of his Genesis Machine to maintain their body in the real world. Then someone inserts a Doomsday virus into the Machine that corrupts the virtual world and the people living in it. The only way to save the people is for John to come into the world itself and reprogram the computer from the inside. Only then can he bring his people home to the real world.

Once there, he finds his memory is gone and someone desperately trying to kill him. He has 40 days to discover his identity, 40 days to find the solution before the world explodes. His only option, however, may cost him his life.

As the author explains, The Genesis Project offers more than a ‘regular’ book.

“It’s essentially three books in one. The three volumes each sit on their own pedestal, coming together to form an overall journey in both the real and virtual worlds that is both exciting and enlightening,” explains Van Arsdale.

He continues, “The first volume sees the book’s lead character create a supercomputer that generates a virtual world. When it is infected with the virus, Neumann chooses to sacrifice himself to get his people out. Volume two follows his rediscovery of himself and the power of the human soul. The book concludes its final volume with Neumann desperately trying to survive those seeking to kill him long enough for his plan to work. If he succeeds, he and his people will wake up in the real world. If he fails, he will lose his soul forever in the blackness of the netherworld.”

Poised to delight both the Christian community as well as fans of soft Science Fiction, Van Arsdale’s three-part creation is set firmly on a course for literary success.

The Genesis Project, published by Lighthouse Christian Publishing, is available now from Amazon.com.

For more information, please visit the author’s official website: http://www.gregvanarsdale.com/

About the Author: Greg Van Arsdale
Greg Van Arsdale graduated Samford University with a Physics degree and then taught Nuclear Physics at the Naval Nuclear Power School for a number of years. He exited the Navy as a Lieutenant Commander. He then became the Training Manager for Florida Power and Light where he created a groundbreaking technique in worker education that won National acclaim. In his spare time, he performed solo singing concerts throughout the Southeast and has three albums to his credit.

Mr. Van Arsdale also published Dark Energy: Answers to Physics and Spiritual Questions in 2011. Here, he introduced a radical perspective on the nature of dark-energy and its impact on not only the Universe but also the human construct. He currently resides in Davenport, Florida.