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The Gift of Relaxation and Pain-Relief Make the Perfect Present This Holiday Season


Monarch Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2011 -- Millions of people suffer from pain and tension in their neck, back and shoulders every year. In fact, statistics show approximately 80 percent of adults are affected by some type of a neck pain condition.

Whether from an accident, spinal disease, osteoarthritis, sports-related injury, nerve damage, muscle tension, repetitive motion injury, or poor posture, neck pain is clearly a rampant health issue.

With the holiday season in full motion, why not give friends and family the gift of relaxation and pain-relief?

For a limited time, Therapy-Aid.com, an online leader in providing innovative products for pain relief, home-based rehabilitation, relaxation and massage therapy, is featuring the Ultimate Massage Kit. The special holiday offer is available for $149.95 and includes the TheraPosition™ Comfort System, the “Ultimate Massage Guide” booklet and an 8 ounce bottle of Soothing Touch Nut-Free Massage Oil.

As a part of the Ultimate Massage Kit, the TheraPosition™ Comfort System helps people achieve optimal positioning with conventional beds and pillows. The System, which converts a bed into an at-home massage table, relieves the pressure and pain associated with neck, shoulder or back aches by properly positioning the body while lying face down or face up. Engineered to maintain a neutral head and spine position, the System is perfect for sharing massage or icing, heating, sleeping, stretching or just relaxing.

According to Therapy-Aid.com, the Ultimate Massage Kit makes the perfect holiday gift for loved ones.

“Massage is a great way to connect with your partner on a physical, emotional and spiritual level,” states the site. “Sharing touch with each other can evoke passion, improve stress, reduce aches and pains, and temporarily place you in a heightened state of bliss.”

Also included in the Ultimate Massage Kit, Soothing Touch Nut-Free Massage Oil offers a rich, organic blend that moisturizes and glides on easily for ultimate massage and bodywork.

As an added bonus with the purchase of the special holiday Ultimate Massage Kit, customers will receive the “Ultimate Massage Guide” booklet. The booklet features Monica Brant, a world-renowned leader in fitness, and a professional athlete. In the booklet, Monica and her team of massage therapists share some of the techniques they incorporate in massage therapy.

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Therapy-Aid is an online leader in providing innovative products for pain relief, home-based rehabilitation, relaxation and massage therapy. The company offers high quality, professional-grade equipment which is researched and tested to assure top quality. The company’s commitment to customer service guarantees complete satisfaction with a safe and secure environment to browse and make purchases. For more information or to purchase the Ultimate Massage Kit, visit http://www.Therapy-Aid.com