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The 'God Particle Bible' Published Today on


Santa Cruz, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- A new book - "The God Particle Bible" by Michael Mathiesen goes live on the, and the Kindle online bookstores today. The New God Particle Bible propounds the notion that there is now proof that God exists and furthermore provides the latest scientific evidence of the means, the method and the motive that God operates in our daily lives.

"The God Particle having been discovered by Scientists using the most expensive scientific apparatus in history, the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva Swizterland, recently put the world on notice that the source of all Creation had finally be located," Mr. Mathiesen said today. "Ever since we learned about the Big Bang, some fourteen billion years ago, Cosmologists have been struggling with the question of who or what might be behind such a huge explosion that caused everything in the universe that exists today. And, now we have our answer." The answers are detailed in this amazing new book - The God Particle Bible.

"Since the God Particle, which I consider to be proof that God exists, has been revealed, people are no longer forced to have faith in a God based on myth and anecdotal evidence, but can now have faith in God from a purely Scientific point of view. This is a huge milestone in our Evolution. We just don't know it yet." The Author stated.

The God Particle had been proposed by Theoretical Physicist Peter Higgs, who postulated over fifty years ago that for the most commonly held model of the physical universe to work, there had to be a field of some kind that glued everything together or in other words created the 'mass' of all the tiniest particles that made up all atoms, neutrons, electrons etc, or indeed all that matters. On July 4th of 2012, the announcement was made by the scientific team at the Large Hadron Collider that the evidence was confirmed and that this most fundamental field or particle did in fact exist. Since all of the God Particle field would have to be the first thing that happened in the Big Bang, because all other structure requires it, it was obvious to this writer that the fingerprints of God had finally been found. But more than just the fingerprints were found. They had also found the blueprints for everything that God had intended when he made all of this. The story of these blueprints and how they impact your daily life and all the events in it are emblazoned onto the pages of this amazing new book. Can you afford not to know about God's blueprints for all our lives?

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