The God Particle Book (God Particle Physics for Dummies) Goes Live on Audible Books

The God Particle Book (God Particle Physics For Dummies) goes Live in Audible Books, a division of


Santa Cruz, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2013 -- The Best-Selling Book - God Particle Physics For Dummies by Michael Mathiesen goes live on Audible Books website today. Audible books are rapidly replacing print media as the most popular form of book publishing from current Internet trends.

"There are other books written by Scientists," said Michael Mathiesen, the noted Science and Technology author. "But, most scientists, even the ones who are responsible for this discovery seem to understand the true implications of uncovering the most influential particle in all of Quantum Physis. I did because I have experienced the impact of the God Particle Field on my entire life. I simply didn't have a name for it. Today, thanks to Science I do and I can explain it to others in a way that is the most impactful."

Audible Books are found on itunes and on Amazon, the world's largest retailer of books and other products and are extremely popular today. Books about the 'God Particle' or the Higgs boson are exploding since the announcement by CERN of the existence of the sub-atomic particle that gives every other building block in the universe its mass. Since mass is the property in physics that is responsible for gravity and all other forces, the strong force, the weak force within the atoms, for example, as well as heat, light, electricity, it is the God Particle that constructs every major event in our lives. This is all detailed in the book. Therefore, it is this book's unique approach that makes God Particle Physics For Dummies stand above all the rest.

Most other books on this the most important subject in the history of Science merely point out the dull and dry physical properties and scientific principles of this new fundamental particle and leave out the major part they play in every human being's fate or destiny. This major impact of the God Particle is very carefully detailed in the book by Michael Mathiesen and includes a series of steps to help the reader find their true path in life as defined by the God Particle Field and how they may actually alter their path at will by using the techniques listed. The power of the God Particle Field, it is the author's contention, is actually the guiding power in the universe and it even implies a sense of the universe that can be known and which emanates from the Creator of these amazing particles, actual messengers of the Creator's own thoughts and dreams for all of us.

To ignore this astonishing revelation made by Science and not some religious tome is to fail to recognize the true purpose of one's life as well as the purpose of life in the universe as a whole.

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