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The Goldsboro Curve: Compelling New Novel Depicts Hot Rods, Bullies and Mysterious Deaths

Written by William Campbell, ‘The Goldsboro Curve’ is a story about the coming of age in the 1950s and 60s. The story reflects the values of that era and that culture.


Muncie, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2014 -- In a powerful fusion of fact and fiction, author William Campbell captures the coming of age of the “hot rod” cars and the boys who drive them in his new novel, ‘The Goldsboro Curve’.


Buck grew up in the hills of southern Ohio at the same time the automobile industry was adapting cars to large engines and big fins. A guy’s car said a lot about him. Most guys had a fast car with loud exhaust and stylish paint. They kept those cars immaculate and tuned up for maximum performance. Buck was no exception when it came to his car.

He was different from other guys, though. He got a college education and became a manager in a local automobile-parts manufacturer. He never let bullies shove him around. Bullying was a normal part of growing up in the hills, and most guys tolerated it. But not Buck. He sometimes viciously resisted the bullies, and he was unforgiving. If they got hurt, they deserved it.

When he was accused of killing a former bully, he got minimal public support, even though he thought himself the victim. His lawyer warned him to take the situation seriously. He faced an aggressive prosecutor and a good but unpredictable judge.

Twists, turns, and sloppy police work jeopardized everything Buck held dear. He prayed truth would prevail.

As the author explains, children of the 1960s marked a turning point for youth culture and dominance.

“Coming of age in the sixties meant having parents with strengths forged by the Depression and WWII. Childhood was influenced by the confidence of Eisenhower and post war economic growth. The moral rebellion of the sixties seems out of character with the preceding decades,” says Campbell.

To date, the novel has received impressive reviews. For example Deanna L. Tribe, Assoc. Prof. Emerita at Ohio State University, comments, “The Goldsboro Curve” is an enjoyable read with an element of mystery taking place in a locale that exists in southern Ohio, written by a native son. It is a multi-thematic story with a heavy dose of Appalachian values which correspond closely with Loyal Jones’ typology of these traditional values. ‘The Goldsboro Curve’ would make a good selection for book clubs in the area as it can facilitate discussion that extends into current problems and issues facing people and the region as well as providing an awareness of and better appreciation for strengths of the culture which are sustaining for folks in good and difficult times.”

Campbell also believes that today’s younger generation can learn from the characters within his novel.

“The youth attitude of the 1960s has continued to grow, to the point that many young people are now extremely emotionally and morally distant from their parents by the time they reach their teenage years. I hope my story gives them a vital look back into yesteryear, to recognize the importance of adopting positive values and learning from elders,” he adds.

With the book’s popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘The Goldsboro Curve’, published by AuthorHouse, is available now: http://amzn.to/1a9znNz

About William Campbell
William Campbell’s dream was to be an author. He achieved that dream in retirement. Although diagnosed with esophageal cancer, he continued to follow his dream of becoming an author. While writing ‘The Goldsboro Curve’, his wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. William completed his book and both he and his wife continue in remission.

William and his wife live in Muncie, Indiana. Their children and grandchildren live close by.