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The Good Body's New Infographic Reveals the Alarming Cost(s) of Back Pain to America


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2016 -- The Good Body has released an informative new infographic that highlights the alarming cost of back pain, to America and its citizens. Over recent years, the number of individuals suffering from low back pain has been on the rise, with 80% of Americans experiencing a back problem during their lifetimes. Back pain comes at a cost – and this research delves into the implications – to both patient and society.

Among the key insights:

Lower back pain on the rise, especially among the over-65s

The number of adults in America experiencing lower back pain (LBP) is increasing steadily but the rise is greater in the over-65s.

Back problems were found to be more common in women than men

Household interviews amongst the civilian population found that almost a third of female adults suffered from LBP, compared to just over a quarter of males.

Men more likely to report pain that affects their ability to do work

31% of men acknowledged when their condition affects work, compared to to 20% of women.

Back pain severely impacts everyday activities

Out of 2,600+ respondents who were asked how back pain affects them: 39% admitted that it hampers their ability to carry out daily tasks, 38% reported that it affects their ability to exercise, and said 37% said it impacts upon their sleep.

People who spend most of the day sitting are at greater risk

54% of Americans who experience LBP spend the majority of their day sitting.

More than half of LBP patients suffer a recurrence within two years

While 90% of cases are resolved within six weeks, 60-80% of patients have a recurrence within two years.

Americans spend approximately $50 billion a year on low back pain treatment

Because LBP is complicated it's generally expensive to treat, in fact, nine out of ten patients never find out the primary cause of their pain.

Indirect annual costs to the nation estimated to be over $100 billion

These indirect annual costs include not only lost wages and productivity, but also legal and insurance overheads and the impact on family.

About The Good Body's research into back pain

In March and April of 2016 The Good Body collated a series of statistics on back pain, from various sources and relevant studies. The research was carried out to look at the wider implications of back pain and how it affects society, as well as individuals. During the study, the statistics were broken down into five main sections: back pain statistics in numbers, treatment, types of treatment, recovery and recurrence, and cost.

The culmination of the project is the infographic, which includes a selection of key statistics, and a supporting article – with charts and diagrams – covering the topic in more depth.

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