Victor Weintraub

The Government of Our United States of America Is for Sale

Money in politics is our greatest notional problem and national shame. It is an enormous waste of our national resources, our national strength, and our national wealth It is the biggest source of the corruption of our government. and the destruction of the American way of life and the destruction of our middle class.. You pay your money and you get your law. You pay your money and you get rid of regulation. You pay your money and the American people can go to hell. Money and special interests rule. Fairness does not matter. Profit rules.


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2012 -- The 2008 presidential and congressional campaign spent $3.2 billion. This year I expect that the number will top $4 billion. The money goes to political advertising to misinform you. It goes to attack ads to make some candida look like the son of satin.

In the new book Occupy We The People Decision Time For America, Victor Weintraub exposes the exploitation and corruption that money in politics buys. Your representative in Washington does not represent and work for you and for your best interest. He is in the pocket of whoever contributed the money for his election campaign. The largest political contributors are the financial institutions. The big banks, the investment banking companies, the insurance companies and the privet capital companies. Names like Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Bain Capital (familiar name) Paulson and Company. The list is long. Realtors., lawyers pharmaceutical companies, energy companies. Pay your money and get your law, regulation, favored treatment.

The other way that money corrupts government is by lobbying. Lobbyists are hired by businesses to influence legislation and the administration of laws. In 2010 $3.5 billion was spent on lobbying. There are 12,929 registered lobbyists. It is because of lobbyists that laws are written with 2,000 pages and are so complex that they can not be understood and administered.

You are probably thinking that there should be a law to stop this. There have been several. The problem is that the Supreme Court has ruled that giving money is the same as speech and is a protected right under the first amendment to the constitution. Lobbying is also protected. The only way to stop this situation is with a constitutional amendment. Several have been suggested. There is one in my book Occupy We The People. Passing a constitutional amendment is going to be difficult. I think that it will require a grass-roots movement. A ground swell of protest.

The topic money in politics covered in my book Occupy We The People Decision Time For America. Many other important issues are also discussed. I feel strongly that this is the most important book published in years. Every American should read this book before they vote. The E Book is only $2.99 on special promotion and there are links on my Victor Weintraub website.

Victor Weintraub is a noted author, economist and entrepreneur. He is the Publisher of First Capitol Books, an independent publisher of E Books and print books distributed world-wide. He is the President of First Charter Financial Corporation. He holds a degree in engineering from New York University and an MBA from Columbia Graduate School of Business. Victor Weintraub is an advocate for progressive political and social programs. He is a lifetime Republican. “I am saddened by what has happened to the Republican Party.”