The Grand Opening of I ROCK CANDY Storefront on 12/22/2012 from 6pm to 10pm

I ROCK CANDY will be offering edible skin care and nail care products with no sales tax during the Grand Opening of I ROCK CANDY storefront on 12/22/2012 from 6pm to 10pm.


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2012 -- Many people rely on lotions, cold creams, moisturizing creams and other skin care products to make sure that their skin doesn’t stay rough in winter. Now, when it comes to the sensitive skin, one shouldn't settle for cheap, store-bought, and conventional skin care products that are filled with toxic chemicals and preservatives. As the holiday season is on its rise, this is the best chance to buy skin care products for an unbeatable price.

If one is looking for both, i.e. quality skin care products on an extremely attractive and luring offer then I ROCK CANDY products could be a smart choice. I ROCK CANDY is known for making edible skincare and nail care products. The I ROCK CANDY products are made from edible food grade, organic oils and raw honey which gives out a clear message that the products won’t have any side effects, and that the consumers can be assured of its quality.

According to I ROCK CANDY, “You and your family can be reassured that I ROCK CANDY has always been and always will be created in house to ensure the product's quality and preciseness is never compromised.” I ROCK CANDY products are highly effective and undeniably purest skin care products. They give the skin a youthful look and enlighten the face and body.

One thing that makes I ROCK CANDY stand out from others in the market is the ingredients found in their products. All of their products are of the highest quality and are carved with fair trade ingredients that are true gifts of nature, while others use chemicals and non-natural ingredients at higher prices and less benefits. I ROCK CANDY never uses any kinds of extra additives, artificial preservatives, or harmful chemicals in their products. Their edible skin care products will give your skin a natural feel making it look more healthier and refreshing.

I ROCK CANDY products are not just meant for adults, but are also proven to be gentle enough for sensitive skins of children. The founder of the company says, “This has become a mission in my life to create natural skin products that are highly effective and gentle enough for children.” Another positive aspect about I ROCK CANDY products is that you can customize your sugar and lip scrubs to your likings by going to a DIY station. All products from I ROCK CANDY can last for as long as 9 months.

I ROCK CANDY storefront has a Grand Opening on 12/22/2012 from 6 pm to 10 pm during which they are offering their skin care and nail care products without any sales tax, as the company will pay all the sales tax for the products being sold in between that time.

About I Rock Candy
I Rock Candy is a Texas based company that is known for its skin care and nail care products. A company that was started in kitchen and now has millions of consumers in the US and around the world. All I ROCK CANDY products are made from natural ingredients so that the consumers can be sure about them.

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