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The Great Departure: 'Feel-Good Magic' and Creator's Enemy Collide, as New Novel Awakens Readers' Spiritual Eye

Masterfully crafted by DeForest Mapp, ‘The Great Departure: The House of Erydia’ fuses fantasy, science fiction and philosophy to leave readers questioning the very core of their spirit. Examining the endless battle between spiritual harmony and its enemies, Mapp’s narrative takes readers across the universe as they seek out secrets that can affect tangible change in the real world.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2014 -- While most authors write novels to give readers nothing but a quick thrill, DeForest Mapp melds his narrative with real-world big issues that leave audiences with plenty to think about. His new release, ‘The Great Departure: The House of Erydia’ invites readers to look inward, as the tug-of-war between spiritual harmony and its enemies battle out over 400 pages.

It’s this fusion of fact and fiction that makes ‘The Great Departure’ so much more than just a story.


Appointed by the Creator over 4 billion years ago, Kaylandria, a Guardian of another Earth, went missing somewhere in the universe but somehow shows up inside the forbidden Perimeter where she has been tortured. With the permission of the Creator, Kaylandria comes to this Earth to seek out Latrice Foster who has just lost her job, her newborn child, and now her NASA scientist husband. This Guardian is determined to invite Latrice into a strange home for her to realize that her tragedies were all connected to a diabolical plot by the Creator’s enemy. If Latrice accepts the invite into the House of Erydia, Latrice will learn why her life fell into ruin, but it will also give Kaylandria a chance to share her never before revealed secrets of her eternal life.

“The theme of ‘belonging’ discovered in this novel plays out in parallel universes, space-time continuums, spiritual technology, online dating, and the concept of life beyond our earth,” says Mapp. “Almost everyone questions where ‘purpose’ is derived, especially when our cherished harmony and joy are stolen by our spiritual enemies. The narrative examines this misalignment and will have readers thinking deeply about what it would take to align everything once again.”

Continuing, “Why do catastrophes result in settling or accepting what we really do not desire? In the process of examining ourselves, few discover the possibility that a puppeteer (or two) elsewhere in the universe could be pulling strings for a much greater and sinister purpose. Finding that ‘third eye’ to look inward is tough, but I believe that “The Great Departure: The House of Erydia” will awaken it.”

Mapp further blurs the lines between fact and fiction by interacting heavily with his audience.

“A website was built to allow readers to sample chapters, learn more about my characters and connect with me on a personal level. Like lyrics to musical instruments, my words seek to find the perfect arrangement of thoughts and feelings in the minds of readers. While some play it safe, I fully intend to be ‘out there’ and pull a few people in so we can all be uplifted together. ” he adds.

‘The Great Departure: The House of Erydia’, published by Magnolia Dr. Books, is available now: http://amzn.to/1lBcERl. For more information, visit the book’s official website: http://thegreatdeparture.com.

About the Author
A native of Portsmouth, Virginia, DeForest Mapp grew up learning how to crab with his educator father and brothers off the calm waters of the James River, just inside the Chesapeake Bay.

After receiving a MBA from Tennessee State University, DeForest Kenneth Mapp began pursuing a career in film by joining the Production team at Warner Bros. Studios in 2003. Here, he worked on The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, Superman, Catwoman, Scooby Doo, Lucky You, The Last Samurai, and Constantine.

DeForest would then decide to direct and produce his own films under his banner, SunFace Entertainment. Mapp has won awards for his films “Glance” and “How to Use a Pillow”. His latest effort qualified him for the Academy’s Live Action Short Category with his film, “Say You Say Me”, a day in the life of Lionel Richie.

DeForest Mapp also co-wrote “The Interns”, which placed in Sundance’s Writers Lab.