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The Great Voice Company Advises on How to Have More Confidence When Recording Narrations


Englewood Cliffs, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2019 -- As the country's foremost provider of voice over training services for those interested in beginning a career in the industry, The Great Voice Company understands what it takes to make a truly great and well-trained voice over artist. One of the most essential traits to delivering a powerful and effective voice over recording is confidence. Now, the organization is advising on why confidence is so crucial for voice over performances and how artists can help to build trust in their own abilities.

A lack of confidence can not only lead to poor performances, but it can also be a turnoff to potential clients. Nervousness generally results in underwhelming auditions, and a lack of confidence in one's own ability can even cause an individual to avoid following up on possible job opportunities.

Great Voice president Susan Berkley advises that voice over beginners should not wait to feel confident before they take action to pursue a career- that day may never come. Instead, she says, true confidence comes from putting yourself in action and using your voice over talents to serve others.

Voice over performers suffering from a crisis of confidence at any stage in their career are often overly focused on themselves and the sound of their voice, picking their performance apart. They forget that the purpose of their work is to communicate something of value to the listener and to support their client's message.

"It's never about us and our dulcet tones," says Berkley. "The most successful and confident voice over artists are those who are able to make the product the star, not their voice."

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