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The Great Voice Company Advises on Preparing a Script for Narration Projects


Englewood Cliffs, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/07/2019 -- Properly preparing a script for a voice over narration project is an essential component to ensuring the recording process is smooth, stress-free, and unencumbered. As the country's top-rated provider of professional voice over services, The Great Voice Company is currently offering tips to plan, prepare, and format a script to ensure a stress-free and productive voice over recording session.

For recordings that call for a brief pause in the narration, it's advised to indicate it in the script with either an ellipsis or by including the word "pause" inside brackets. While these beats may seem imperceptible to the untrained ear, they can be crucial to the voice over delivery, so they should be clearly pointed out in the text.

It's also important to provide the correct pronunciation to any technical vocabulary or unique terms and address the way any acronyms should be spoken — either as an entire word or as letters. Using brackets to include the phonetic spelling of any problematic or unusual terms is advised, as is discussing these terms, their meanings, and pronunciations before the start of the recording.

Additionally, since every narrator has a distinct pace, tone, and intonation, the intended inflection and emphasis should be reviewed in a pre-recording meeting and indicated in the script. One final step before commencing any voice over recording is to triple-check the script for errors in either content, grammar, tense, or other mistakes. Errors can occur in just about any script, so it's essential to meticulously review it to avoid loss of productivity and momentum during the recording session.

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