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The Great Voice Company Offers Tips for Directing Voice Over Performances


Englewood Cliffs, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2019 -- As the country's premier provider of professional voice over services and voice over training, The Great Voice Company understands the importance of clearly and meaningfully conveying a brand's message. Now, the industry-leading voice over company is offering directing tips to get the most out of voice actors and their performances.

It's crucial to remember that one of the biggest factors of a successful and effective recording process is what steps are taken in advance. This is precisely why proper preparation is key to an effective voice over performance. For instance, the script should be reviewed for its speakability and timing before stepping into the recording studio. This means making sure the script is understandable and the text will fit in the time allotted, as this helps to prevent problems during the recording process.

Additionally, there should be clarification about the message spoken. This includes insight into the audience, the brand's mission and vision, and the tone of the script. Not only should the message be clear, but so should the physical copy of the script to allow the voice over actor to jot down any notes or revisions to the script.

During the actual recording, guidance and direction should be given directly. This helps to capture the correct emphasis, tone, and to avoid re-dos which can be time-consuming and costly. For an effective voice over recording, voice talent actors should be encouraged to use body language, facial expressions, and gestures to convey their message.

However, because each voice talent has their own pacing, timing, and phrasings, their opinions should be respected, and over-directing needs to be avoided. It's preferred to wait until the end of a take to share notes, feedback, and input.

With some preparation and guidance, voice over narrators can clearly and effectively deliver a brand's message. For more information or to get a free quote for their voice over services, call The Great Voice Company at 866-957-2807 or visit today.

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