The Green Space Initiative

The Green Space Initiative Launches Campaign to Save the Environment & Expand Civilization Into Space


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2013 -- Khari launched Phase One of the Green Space Initiative with the intention to save the earth, protect the environment and biodiversity, defend the rights of both humans and animals, eradicate hunger and thirst and expanding civilization into space.

Khari began this project because of his intense dissatisfaction with the world. “I often wonder how future generations will think of us,” said Boyd. “Will they hate us? Will they forgive us? Will they even exist? These are scary thoughts, and while we may not be able to completely fix everything, we can make huge improvements. We owe it to our future generations to take better care of the planet and each other.”

Founding members of the Green Space Initiative have set an incredibly lofty goal: to raise one million dollars – as a starting point. Boyd said, this is a huge and expensive project. It will cost trillions of dollars. We don’t expect to raise enough money to cover the cost of this project from donations alone, and do not want influence from government, shareholders or anyone else that may present a conflict of interest. This is for the environment and the people. With that being said, we plan on starting several for-profit companies in support of our operations, beginning with retail stores and green energy development, and working our way up to space-based solar power plants, commercial space travel and asteroid mining.”

This project will be implemented in the order of perceived importance, with the first three phases being implemented simultaneously. Phase One is the Wildlife Identification and Genome Project. During this phase, the Green Space Initiative will discover and catalog as many of Earth’s yet to be discovered species as possible. A long-term goal of this phase is to establish off-world wildlife preserves along with human colonies.

In Phase Two, the Green Space Initiative will work to halt and reverse the harmful effects of mankind on the planet. The group will place special emphasis on reducing the number of mass extinctions, global warming and the anticipated major water crisis.

Phase Three consists of asteroid/comet mining and protection. This phase is the most important phase of this long-term project, securing the finances that willlead the Green Space Initiative into the final phase with large scale space exploration, colonization, and planet terraformation.

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