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The Green Storm: Family, the Sea and Unexpected Weather Collide in Compelling New Apocalyptic Novel. Can One Storm Change Everything

Written by Bud Santora, ‘The Green Storm’, follows multiple generations of one family and their tumultuous relationship with the sea. After a single storm changes the world forever, readers embark on adventure into the family’s bold new world and the creatures that exist within it.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2014 -- While thousands of books depict the apocalypse, few contain the originality and raw emotion of Bud Santora’s ‘The Green Storm’. Fast-paced, diverse and wholly unique, the novel offers a view of this life-changing event unlike anything written before.

Santora devotes as much time in the novel exploring the relationships between the multiple generations of one family as he does on details of the new world created by the storm.

Summary - Mike Guillory finishes his usual morning beach run on his family-owned Plover’s Island and notices that the sky and water are a strange shade of green. Unusually hot and humid for early March, this odd weather event climaxes in a bizarre late-night storm. The next day, Mike, his family, and their dogs, Travis and Poo, wake up to the beginning of a new and menacing world.

William, the first Guillory to live on the island with his family in 1908, sees his life change with a tragedy linking him to the ancient mermen creatures living deep within the sea and then with an eccentric group of theatrical people and their new enterprise, a carnival of curiosities. His relationship to these two situations intertwines and changes his destiny.

Over the next several decades, the events of the past and the present link the little island and the Guillory family to a worldwide occurrence that is first felt the night of the storm but secretly had begun years earlier in the depths of the waters off the island’s shore.

The author worked diligently to ensure that his book offers readers an emotional journey that stretches far beyond the ending of the ‘old’ world.

“It’s as much a story about a family and their relationship to the sea as it as a novel about the apocalypse. As the narrative progresses, the family’s relationship to the sea changes and their entire world is remolded from these attitudes. It will certainly leave readers with a lot to think about,” says Santora.

Continuing, “At the same time, I included elements of science fiction and fantasy that have become synonymous with a good novel. For example, readers will meet mermaids, the creation of a carnival, and experience dramatic situations that make this a truly unique apocalyptic novel.”

The book’s break from the norm has resonated with readers from coast to coast.

“Fans of Margaret Atwood, Stephen King, and Deen Koontz will like Bud Santora's debut novel, ‘The Green Storm’. A cautionary apocalyptic tale, Santora's sci-fi fantasy is simultaneously thrilling and heartbreaking with an ending that will leave readers craving more," says Arthur Wooten, author of ‘Dizzy’, ‘Leftovers’ and ‘Birthday Pie’.

A. Oswald was equally as impressed, adding, “Fantasy and reality blend together to create a what-if scenario in which worlds collide and good may (or may not) have a chance to prevail. I'm talking, of course, about ‘The Green Storm’, Bud Santora's sci-fi, fantasy debut novel, a breathtaking read that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you love sci-fi and/or fantasy, ‘The Green Storm’ is a must-read. If not, grab this book anyway. You'll be amazed by the storyline and mesmerized by the visual effects words can bring to life.”

‘The Green Storm’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1bVZIwh.

About Bud Santora
Bud Santora is a versatile designer and illustrator. For his work as a costume designer he's won an Emmy Award and two nominations. As a holiday designer he's worked for companies such as Sears, K-Mart, and Silvestri. He's created covers for numerous novels and has also illustrated the children's picture book, Wise Bear William: A New Beginning. Currently he does freelance design and resides in New York City. The Green Storm is his debut novel.