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The Grill Glove Heat Resistant Gloves by Grill Heat Aid Receives Positive Customer Feedback


Welling, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2014 -- The Grill Heat Aid Grill Glove Heat Resistant Gloves are evidently a big hit with consumers. The company recently pointed to some of the feedback left by customers as an example of just how popular the gloves have become. A Grill Heat Aid spokesperson commented, “We are always eager to hear from customers about their experiences with our products, and of course we hope that the feedback is positive. We have been especially pleased to hear and read so many of the positive comments the Grill Glove customers are leaving.”

Currently the Grill Glove set has over 350 unique comments in the customer review section, and the product ranks almost exclusively at either four or five stars. In fact, on over 300 of the 355 comments left, the customer ranked the product with 5 out of 5 stars.

Many of the comments speak of how the customer was skeptical that the gloves could resist heat as advertised, but then became a believer after using the gloves. This kind of comment is music to the supplier’s ears because it shows that the product delivered as it was supposed to and actually exceeded the customer’s expectations.

One satisfied customer called the Grill Gloves the best oven gloves they had ever owned and spoke to the effectiveness of the glove as a protector against hot surfaces. “With these grill gloves, every hint of heat was absorbed by the Nomex / Kevlar mix. I might as well have been holding something out of the fridge.” Another simply said, “These Gloves Work!”

The gloves are popular because they withstand heat up to 662 degrees Fahrenheit due to their sturdy design that features Meta-Aramid fiber and an inner lining of soft and comfortable cotton. The Meta-Aramid fiber carbonizes and thickens when exposed to heat so the gloves offer maximum protection against burns.

More information is available at the Grill Gloves Amazon store front or from the Grill Heat Aid website at Visitors to the Amazon storefront can read the many reviews on the product page.