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The Growing Importance of Technology in Conference Rooms

"We are living in a digital age... companies must take into account technology when finding and booking a conference room." says Tosca Jimenez.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2014 -- It is estimated that there are 2,571,700,018 internet users in the world and that every day we send more than one billion emails. This is more than double compared to ten years ago, and the surge in growth of mobile devices among consumers and in the workplace is evidence of our living in a digital age with immediate access to all kinds of content. This is a critical consideration for decision-makers in the workplace, but it is important to also consider this when booking a conference room or another external room for work-related purposes, says Ms Jimenez, "The growing adoption of mobile devices in the workplace, along with BYOD, means that employees expect to be able to take work out of the office and be productive. While the vast majority of conference rooms will have internet access, this can be limited, which can hamper productivity and frustrate attendees."

Five years ago, good internet access in conference rooms wasn't an important consideration for decision-makers, nor were readily available docking and charging stations or technologies which allow for device projection and sharing. But as mobile devices have become more advanced and companies have started to benefit from new features, it has become apparent that to book a venue outside of work without the technology required to keep attendees connected is archaic.

"Booking a conference room with strong WiFi, plenty of accessible charging stations, and technologies which benefit collaboration is essential” says Ms Jimenez. "Just as consumers now expect to be able to access content online immediately, employees expect to have the tools that are necessary to perform work-related tasks wherever convenient and managed by the company they work for. For this reason, the level of technology in a conference room must not be an after-thought."

Mobile devices are now an indispensable part of our lives. Companies are advised to always take into account conference room technology when booking to meet the needs of all attendees.

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