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The Growing Trend of Dog Halloween Costumes

Popular Small Dog Luxury Boutique Puppy’s Home Shares Ideas and Tips on Purchasing Cute Costumes for Furry Friends for the Coming Spooky Season


Perth Amboy, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/30/2016 -- As the leaves begin to change color signifying the beginning of fall, holiday fans look forward with anticipation knowing Halloween and all of the excitement surrounding it is quickly approaching. With dressing animals up for Halloween becoming more and more popular with each passing year, animal lovers realize that finding a costume for their loyal friends is just as important as their own personal Halloween get-ups. Online luxury boutique Puppy's Home shares some great ways to ensure a fun and adventurous Halloween night for pet and owner alike.

For a fun trick-or-treat excursion, it all starts with the costume. Puppy's Home offers a large and diverse collection of wonderfully cute, original and safe costumes for dogs. Featured outfits include Halloween classics such as the Barkenstein and Dogula as well as glow in the dark spider, ghost, witch (also available in pink), and pirate. Of course, it wouldn't be Halloween without the complementary color-coordinated duo of the prince charming and snow princess (pink version also available). For those looking for a little extra infusion of humor, there are always the hilarious taco dog and Acme rocket dog. The adorable caterpillar and butterfly get-ups help pooches explore their insect side while turkey, turtle, and tigers are just a few of the animals they can pretend to be for the night if they're feeling so inclined. Medieval enthusiasts should love Sir Barks A Lot, sports fan adore the football jersey, and the list goes on. There is truly a style for each and every puppy.

There are some important items to keep in mind in order to make the most of the night. To ensure a fun and safe Halloween for both people and animals alike, Puppy's Home recommends the following tips when dressing up a furry pal:

1. Make sure that the outfit is comfortable and fits correctly on the dog. Make sure that there are no fabric pulls and that the dog can still see when wearing the costume. Puppy's Home offers a handy sizing chart on their site as well as a hassle-free and cost-free "Free Size Exchange" in case it still doesn't fit upon receipt.

2. Have the dog try on the ensemble a few times in advance to verify that it is comfortable enough to wear that way any additional fit changes can be modified before Halloween night.

3. Keep the dog away from all candy. Chocolate is especially toxic to dogs, and can cause poisoning. Not to mention, wrappers can easily cause choking. Of course, dog-friendly treats are available from Puppy's Home in the event some are needed.

4. Have fun! Halloween is meant to be enjoyed, and canines appreciate the love and extra bonding time they receive on this special holiday.

"With the surge in popularity of dog lovers dressing their pooches up for Halloween, I want to be sure my customers have a wide range of options to choose from so that they won't just be able to fit in with their friends who are dressing up their dogs as well but to do so with style – with a costume that really pops!" shared Puppy's Home Owner Hannah Choi.

Not only does Puppy's Home have fantastic Halloween outfits, the online store also carries a huge selection of collars, toys, hats, beds, dresses, pajamas, socks, strollers, bike baskets, treats, food and water bowls, I.D. tags, leashes, sunglasses, jewelry, blankets, and much more.

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