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An IT and Marketing Company based out of Los Angeles, Powered By The People is launching a new service for international companies looking to expand their business in the US market.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2014 -- Powered By The People was started in the year 2004 to help companies market their products and services and increase their sales in the United States. An affiliate network, the company aims to combine their years of experience in latest and pioneering technologies and marketing expertise to help companies maximize their sales.

Not only does the company promote and help local businesses across the United States thrive, it is also launching new services to international companies to proliferate and market their products and services in the markets of the United States. The company’s long experience in the field, infrastructure, human resources and knowledge will be beneficial to international companies. To benefit all kinds of customers, the company caters to the needs of both offline and online companies and corporations.

Marketing needs vary across companies and demographics. The company handles all kinds of marketing requests – from offline brick-and-mortar shops who approach them to build their web presence, to Fortune 1000 companies who are competing in the race to maintain a top brand image for themselves. Each and every marketing challenge is addressed as quickly as possible. All the solutions offered by the company are result-driven and create a solemn and highly-professional presence in the field of online marketing.

The company provides a secure and up-to-date network to track and report on various commercial transactions. It also enables the creation of a common platform for merchants and affiliates and brings both the parties together. Once this relationship is established, Powered By The People also offers latest tools in the industry to help affiliates and merchants manage their programmers in an efficient manner. The end goal of the company is to provide such an environment for both merchants and affiliates that it fosters growth and drives sales through the internet.

The company has local branches in many locations to help customers obtain locally-available facilities at ease. Be it real estate brokers, general contractors, locksmiths or moving companies, Powered By The People caters to all the needs.

- Distribution and Marketing Services to enter the US Market

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