The Guide to Vaping Electronic Cigarette Blog Gets Ready to Announce the Best of 2012 Results

Guide To Vaping – An Electronic Cigarette Blog created back in early 2011 just announced its predictions for “The Best of 2012”, a large and quickly growing polling system for the e cigarette community that has been held at the GuideToVaping website for the last two years.


Macon, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2012 -- After concluding the final results for “The Best of 2011”, the polling system made quite the impact with e-cigarette users. It not only created a fun atmosphere of a polling system, but it also added a bit of competition for the vendors also. Last year’s Best of 2011 held 28 categories and a community full of tallied votes.

With the success of last year’s largest ecig polling system, the Guide To Vaping website published a form to start the entries phase for the Best of 2012 back in October, 2012. At the beginning of November, 2012 – The Guide To Vaping published its Best of 2012 – Live Polls. This new live polling system let the voters see the results in real time and has had quite the overwhelming success with already more than 20,000 votes between 29 categories.

The categories have a wide range from “Best New E-Liquid” all the way to “Most Helpful Forum”.  These categories give the community a chance to vote on what they think is the best in vaping for the whole year.

Last year’s turn-out was very satisfying, but this year’s Best of 2012 has been filled with massive amounts of participation from the e-cigarette community. When I first created this “Best of” polling system, I didn’t ever imagine that it would catch the attention it has. It’s been a fun experience for both me and the rest of the participating community and vendors.

Blake, Owner of

As the polling nears its end, the many vendors, forums, blogs and people are in a race to pull in those last votes to seal the deal and officially call themselves “GuideToVaping’s Best of”. You can now see “Vote For Us” being plastered among the ever growing electronic cigarette based websites throughout the web.

Honestly, I like this format better than last year’s. There will always be critics and it’s hard to be objective, but I think this system is accurate. I like it.

Dimitris, Host of VP Live’s VapeTeam and Multiple Voted Entry on Best of 2012

This polling system was designed to contribute and recognize those in an electronic cigarette community who have had a long journey to quit smoking and persue a a better nicotine delivery system.

GuideToVaping’s Best of 2012 will close voting on December 31st, 2012. The Best of 2012 results will be published on the website January 1st, 2013. All voting is live and in real time displaying results. An image award will be given to the winners January 1st and 2nd of 2013. The GuideToVaping’s Best of 2012 polling system isn’t by any means a final authority.

Guide To Vaping is an informative electronic cigarette blog.

Blake Brown –

Guide To Vaping