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The Guild : New Recruit - New YA Series Fuses Global & Biblical Legends to Explain the Evil of the World

Tracy L. Judy’s compelling first volume of his new young adult series analyses myths, legends and folklore of the past from a powerful new point of view. Whisking readers on a journey through time and geography, the novel attempts to bring a coherent story to world history and define evil definitively. As the only book on the market to fuse the world’s legends with those directly found in the Bible, ‘The Guild: New Recruit’ is poised to resonate with readers around the world.


Cottageville, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/01/2013 -- While society and the Bible contain an abundance of myths, legends and lore – no author has ever dared combine them to re-write world history in a bold new light. However, South Carolina’s Tracy L. Judy does just that in the first volume of his ground-breaking new young adult fiction series.

‘The Guild: New Recruit’ travels the world to take a twisted view on the myths and legends of the past; all told through a modern-day story that will provoke thought in even the hardiest of readers.


Dr. James Darash enjoyed his life. Growing up as an orphan, he learned to hide from his worries and fears in the world of academia. He had managed to achieve an academic profile and career that many envied. Not yet twenty-five, he is soon to be a fully tenured professor at a major university; his life was going along exactly as he had planned. Sometimes, plans change.

When a burgundy sedan enters James' world everything changes. The world he knew, or thought he knew, is turned upside down. After fearing for his life, he is offered what seems a simple, straightforward choice. James is forced to look at his years of education in a whole knew light. Nothing will ever be the same for him.

James faces creatures that he believed were only myths; beasts that belong in the pages of books, on movie screens, or carved in ancient temples in some long forgotten place in the world. They did not belong in his world walking down his neighborhood streets.

When the things that James knew to be false become true, he is face with the toughest decision of his life. Does James choose to live a normal, quiet life, blissfully ignorant of the real world around him or does he choose to believe in the unbelievable? Will James be able to trust Ezekiel (a priest), Victor (the Boss of The Guild), and Crystal (the ever surprising female)? What role does Ms. Perkins play in The Guild and in James' life? There are answers that only The Guild can give him.

As the author explains, his book has no geographical boundaries, just like the evil it attempts to define.

“While the narrative is heavily based on existing legend, it is ultimately a work of fiction that is not limited to one region or continent. The entire series follows this premise as it works with readers to help explain the evil in the world. Readers will meet a wide range of characters that will compel them to examine world history from a refreshingly-new perspective,” says Judy.

Continuing, “Everything ultimately links back to reality. By reading about the creatures and legends in my series, it is my hope that readers will be inspired to do their own research and explore the past of both the world around them and the world farther afield.”

With an entire series still to come, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies of book one as soon as possible.

‘The Guild: New Recruit’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1ayDbHp.

About Tracy L. Judy
A former Marine and a graduate of the University of South Carolina, Tracy grew up in South Carolina but has lived throughout the Southeast. He has visited several nations and looks forward to travelling again in the future.

He remembers always reading, it seems that he has always had a book of some type in his hands. This has continued into his adult years.

Writing has always been a release for him, a way to escape from the frustrations of the day to day world. He has been able to hide his feelings in his writings over the years, both the happy ones and the sad ones. For Tracy, writing has been one of the best therapies he has had. He feels refreshed and new when he puts pen to paper, or types, and just lets it all out.

Recently, he has begun to look at his life as not just a short amount of time here on earth but as a legacy. With probably 50 years or more left here, he wants to leave a mark. He spend his days focusing on what legacy he will leave on this planet during the next 5 decades or more. When he leaves, he wants to be missed and remembered.