The Gulati Group

The Gulati Group, a Complete Apparel Supplier Service Chain


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2014 -- The Gulati Group, an apparel manufacturing company based in New York, has established its brand to be a complete apparel supplier service chain. Providing reliable, on-time manufacture and supply of goods, combined with effective logistics, the company has developed a strong relationship not only with distributors and resellers, but with major shopping lines, as well.

“A strong ongoing relationship with major shipping lines and freight carriers ensures priority treatment is given to The Gulati Group, so that your orders reach you on time and in perfect condition,” the company’s executives promises.

Composed of dedicated specialists, the company is able to manage all aspects of the apparel supply chain, guaranteeing cohesiveness and continuity from the initial process of product design to the end result of shipping and customs clearance.

"We've put together the pieces of the sourcing puzzle," the company head says. The puzzle pieces includes consumer needs, product research, product design, product development, vendor compliance, raw material sourcing, factory sourcing, manufacturing control, shipping control, forwarder consolidation, customer clearance, local forwarding consolidation, wholesaler, retailer, and finally, consumer.

To manage all these processes, the Gulati Group is intelligently divided into teams with their own specialization, including marketing and research, product development, quality assurance, logistics, and sales among many others. “Strong manufacturing control is just one of the elements that allow The Gulati Group to maintain production quality and keep apparel manufacturing costs low,” he adds.

About the Gulati Group
Operating for more than 10 years now, The Gulati Group has consistently taken a forward-thinking approach to company development. From a simple clothing company, it has evolved into a multi-million turnover operation, with the primary goal of providing clothing design and apparel sourcing solutions for retailers and brands all over the world.

Proving the success in the apparel and clothing industry, the company has branched out into new markets, including home textile manufacturing and home accessories and furnishings, providing products and services to leading retailers and home furnishing brands.

The company’s commitment to grow and offer world-class products and services has lead to a global network of manufacturing resources. At present, the Gulati Group has acquired branches and offices in in the United States and throughout Asia.

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