The Gulati Group

The Gulati Group, Preferred Apparel Manufacturing Partner of Big Global Brands


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2014 -- The Gulati Group, an apparel manufacturing and clothing product development company with over 10 years of consistent forward-thinking approach and has evolved into a multi-million turnover operation, is the preferred partner of big global brands, including Macy's, Target, Style & Co., Gap, H&M, Mango, and many others.

“We understand that finding a reliable and resourceful partner with apparel manufacturers is hard to find. At The Gulati Group, we have the resources and partnerships to meet the needs of our clients, whether it is a multi-billion-dollar department store or the start-up e-commerce brand. Our history as a reputable apparel manufacturer has allowed us to give our clients a wide arrange of benefits,” the head of the company proudly shares.

Operating for more than 10 years now, the company started as a textile manufacturer that has consistently taken a forward-thinking approach to company development. This endeavor enabled the company to evolve into an internationally renowned textile manufacturing operation. Recently, the company has moved into new markets, such as home textile manufacturer accessories and home furnishings, catering to a wider set of audience and more customers.

Despite the company's growth, its principle objective remains the same, and that is to provide high quality, accessible clothing design and apparel sourcing solutions for retailers and brands all over the world.

“Lots of apparel manufacturers can produce your clothing, but The Gulati Group does it without sacrificing on the quality that you and your clients deserve. We have a series of inspections in place in all of our global facilities, which ensures that each product is without flaw before it leaves our hands. That’s a promise we as an apparel manufacturer can make,” he adds.

Expanding its operations in Europe and Asia, The Gulati Group is able to serve its global clientele more easily and conveniently. Its versatility as an apparel and t-shirt manufacturer allows them to stay in step with global trend. Boasting of complete manufacturing process, including pre-production, mid-production and final inspections, the company ensures that the final products they produce are of the highest quality possible.

“What sets The Gulati Group apart from other textile manufacturing companies is our commitment to transparency about the entire supply chain process; we communicate with our clients as needed to ensure they are always updated about the location of their materials. Our service chain begins with consumer demand, seamlessly moves your order through sourcing, manufacturing and shipping, and ends with consumer fulfilment,” he concludes.

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