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The Haute Living Real Estate Network Creates a Gateway for High End Properties

The Haute Living Real Estate Network is a new lifestyle network for those who desire luxury living in elite communities and unique property opportunities. The Haute Living real estate partners have developed a new website to showcase multi-million dollar real listings in the United States and abroad.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/13/2015 -- Haute Residence, part of the Haute Living Real Estate Network, is a website designed to showcase only those hand selected properties that best represent estates and properties that will are not only gorgeous and luxurious, but also in regions and communities where the property value will appreciate. These homes and parcels have all been reviewed and selected by the top real estate experts for their aesthetics, location, and market value. The website showcases various properties each month that the experts at Haute Living believe will gather attention for its value, luxury, or uniqueness. You might want to check out the Scottsdale, Arizona Real Estate showcased by Haute Residence.

"When we came up with the idea for the Haute Living Real Estate Network we knew exactly what we wanted," says Haute Living Inc. "We wanted to deliver a top shelf product that showcased home within our network that were currently on the market and those top agents who know how to market them."

The Haute Living Real Estate Network was designed to be an exclusive organization. The membership is invitation-only, and all agents working within the network are known brands within the market. The goal of the website is to connect those of affluence and distinction with those professionals of Real Estate known for their connections and sensibilities when it comes to privacy and disclosure. As a result The Haute Living Real Estate Network has created a groundbreaking new network for real estate and high end properties.

"When you are working with clientele who have over a million dollars to spend on a property you have to be on your best game," Haute Living Inc. tells us. "Our website has to be current, it has to be attractive, and it has to promise the level of exclusivity and privacy our clients will demand."

Haute Residence is the flagship of the Haute Life brand. It is merely the first step in establishing a partnership between designers, architects, and the people who understand how to take their product and market it. Not only does the website showcase some of the finest properties available on the market today, but also those architects and interior designers who are involved in high end real estate projects. On the website you will find Q&A's with hot architects such as former Formula 3 racer Federico Delrosso and interior designer, Janet Morais, who most recently provided the furniture designs for Fifty Shades of Grey.

We're not just selling homes, we're building a brand," says Haute Living Inc. "That brand has to encapsulate all of the best and brightest in the home design and real estate markets. When our clients hear 'Haute Living' we want them to immediately think 'upscale, clean lines, and aesthetics.'"

To make that vision a reality, the strategists behind Haute Living have reached out to major designers and architects working in the high end market today, selectively gathering to them those architects and designers who bring the level of elegance and sophistication they feel can flagship their brand into the future.

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Haute Residence is a top real estate and lifestyle magazine that has hundreds and thousands of subscribers.

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