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The Healthy Way Diet Review: Tips and Secret Now Exposed to Faster Lose Weight


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2013 -- Nowadays there are many diets that promise to get rid of extra pounds, but many dieters are misinformed and they didn't know that lots of diets deprive theirs body of essential nutrients, which means that during the regime, they will feel weak, tired and lacking energy. With The Healthy Way Diet it's time for all dieters to forget about all restrictive diets and to start to adopt a healthy and balanced diet based on natural foods. The Healthy Way Diet is a new comprehensive weight loss program by Gebrille which provides some powerful techniques for those who are struggling with weight.

The Healthy Way Diet guide provides some tips for those who truly desires to get rid of extra pounds. Unfortunately, women are less fortunate than men when it comes to accumulating extra weight, but also to eliminate them. Inside of The Healthy Way Diet are revealed some real truths about diets. In men, fat is deposited in the upper body, especially on the abdomen, and for women, fat is "installed" in the lower body, thighs, buttocks and legs. Men find it easier to lose weight because fat tissue of the upper body is easily removed through diet. For women, the situation is reversed - easily accumulate fat and hard to remove. Culprits are estrogen, female hormones, which offers predisposition to gain weight.

Diets over diets and 0 results! According to The Healthy Way Diet weight loss program one of the biggest mistakes made by dieters is that they are trying all possible diets and give up at them after few days. After many drastic diets, the body reacts very hard on a new diet, because the body's metabolism drops. Therefore, the worst results are seen in women who have tried all kinds of diets.

Health must hold an important place in dieters lives and they need to be aware that many chronic diseases can be prevented through a healthy lifestyle, the diet has leading places. The Healthy Way Diet teaches dieters how they can be sure that they respect the main facts to be healthy. Ideal food, if they exist, would have to meet a number of requirements: to have low energy value, to be focused in terms of essential nutrients (amino acids, vitamins, minerals) contain dietary fiber and complex carbohydrates, contain a small amount of cholesterol and salt. Since there is no ideal food to maintain their health, people need to eat a variety of foods to bring the body the nutrients it needs.

According to that, Gebrille revels some important foods that should not miss in the daily menu of a healthy person. This includes whole grains, vegetables, dark green colored, red, orange and legumes (dried beans, peas), fruits, milk and semi-skimmed or low-fat dairy products, vegetable oils (sunflower, olive, corn, soybeans, peanuts), meat lean meat or fish. Also, inside of The Healthy Way Diet She recommends a list of foods dieters need to eat in small amounts more frequently as: food / soft drinks containing added sugar, solid fats (butter, lard, tallow), including margarine containing trans fatty acids, prepared with saturated fats, hydrogenated fats and sugar (cakes, pastries, ice cream etc.) bakery products and refined grains (white bread, white flour varieties of bread, pasta, white flour, husked rice, etc. ), salt and all processed products containing salt (canned in brine, meat, snacks etc) alcoholic beverages.

The Healthy Way Diet is a new revolutionary program because it combines a proper diet plan with proper exercises to accelerate the metabolism rate for faster the weight loss process. Exercise go hand in hand with weight loss diets. After you get rid of a variable number of pounds, hitting the stage called "stagnation". Even if you keep the same diet, the same diet, not lose even a pound. At this stage it is essential physical activity. The exercises are designed to increase metabolism, helping the body to consume its own fat reserves not only remove through diet.

Many dieters know that healthy eating habit is not just what they consume, but how they consume, how they combine the ingredients, how they prepare the food, whenever what they eat and when they eat. Also, people should not forget how important is physical activity, one of the main ingredients of the health that helps significantly every person to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stroke, diabetes and obesity of adults. If some women are struggling with a few extra pounds, aesthetic reasons, in others the problem is more serious, since this is obesity. Obesity should be treated as a disease. Obesity is very dangerous to health, therefore, those who can not cope diets must be honest with themselves and ask for help, surgery is an option.

"Sweet tooth is killing us!" Figuratively, but literally ... Sugar, besides be submitted immediately as fat and cholesterol, has a negative effect on the whole body. The sweet taste is addictive. Therefore need to treat dieters sweet tooth like any other addiction. Either choose to gradually reduce the consumption of sugar, or to cut the root of evil and completely avoid sugar intake. Sugar is a factor of aging and, along with smoking, contributes to cellulite.

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