The HealthyWiser Guide to Calibrate the Digital pH Meter


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2016 -- Every user of digital pH meters needs to know how to properly calibrate the meter. Properly calibrating the meter ensures that the digital pH meter will provide accurate results all the time.

As a company that offers products on health and wellness, HealthyWiser guides consumers on the proper ways to calibrate the digital pH meter. Through a published guide on Amazon, calibrating the meter is never difficult.

- First, make sure that the digital pH meter is turned on before starting the calibration process.

- Then, dissolve the buffer powder in distilled water, and make the buffer solution.

- Wait until the solution stabilizes before you dip in the meter.

- Dip in the meter pH meter. While the device is immersed, hold the calibrating button (CAL) for three seconds and wait for the LED to flash before letting go of the CAL button press.

- Wait until the LED stops lighting up before you remove the pH meter from the solution.

- Wash the pH meter with clean water, and wipe off the excess water from the electrode with a tissue paper.

- To complete the calibration, immerse the device with the 4.00 buffer powder. See if the monitor display shows 4.00. This can tell that the device is calibrated.

HealthyWiser offers this calibrated digital pH meter for accurate and hassle-free pH readings. Users need to touch one button, and readings can come in an instant like a thermometer. It has a digital display that provides the readings. Plus, the auto calibration feature takes away the need to adjust the device all the time. The company offers a year-long warranty as you purchase the product.

"I have a number of chronic medical issues. One of the things that my doctors have me check often is my pH level. I have been using pH test strips for years, but I was very excited when I came across this digital pH meter online because it looked so much easier to use," a customer wrote on Amazon about the calibrated digital pH meter.

He added, "This meter is easy to read and so easy to use. It is very light and compact, which makes it easy to travel with. I also like that it comes with a hard case to store it in. Overall, I found this pH meter to be very easy to use and I highly recommend this product."

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