The Heller Approach

The Heller Approach Guides Acting Professionals Past Stage Fright Towards Success

Under the Direction of Brad Heller and His Seasoned Team of Coaches, Actors at All Stages of Their Career Can Learn to Move Past Anxiety and Excel


Burbank, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/25/2017 -- Turning one's energy from that of a nervous disposition to that of a calm yet confident and assertive demeanor is a skill that can take a fair amount of time to master. In the acting professional, in particular, cultivating this tool is absolutely essential.

With combined decades and decades of training professional from all over the globe who come to their Los Angeles studio, Brad Heller and his team at The Heller Approach know the importance of imparting this special skill to their students.

"Showing our students how to overcome stage fright really goes hand in hand with our non-method approach in that we are giving individuals the tools they need to perform in the real world in a way that will help them to actually book gigs and advance their career – i.e., actually be able to pursue their passion," shared seasoned instructor and working actor Brad Heller who founded The Heller Approach over fifteen years ago.

Once students have understood the aspect of The Heller Approach's curriculum that wraps itself around the principle "Acting is like being an athlete", they can build upon it to overcome stage fright. Becoming an actor in Los Angeles can be compared to competing in the Olympics. To give an example using professional football, it requires the ability to handle the stress and pressure of being the wide receiver who is absolutely able to catch the ball when billions of people are watching him at the Super Bowl. Similarly, being an actor who is able to leave an audition without regret knowing that they performed at the highest level of their capability is the definition of victory. To not let fear and anxiety impede one's performance is success. As an actor, one's ability to act is the only thing one has control over. As such, understanding how to handle the fear when it hits is fundamental to one's success as an actor.

"We get students all the time who can perform their lines in an astonishing fashion, but is it enough to make them a great actor? The question then becomes: can they consistently perform that way?" continued Brad Heller. "To act for a living is not just to be able to perform a jaw-dropping scene now and again. It requires that the actor be able to perform anytime anywhere and to conjure up what is needed to get the job done and done well."

Acting under any condition is an integral part of the framework laid out for students at the The Heller Approach. Whether it's good feelings, bad feelings, or distracting thoughts, students no longer need to mess up their auditions due to anxiety causing them to freeze. Ultimately, students of The Heller Approach acting school no longer leave their auditions or performances with the worst feeling in the world – regret. Instead, they can walk away knowing they did more than give it their best – they came PREPARED to do their best.

The Heller Approach is always accepting new students. For more testimonials, information on classes, and more about The Heller Approach, visit their website today.

About The Heller Approach
From Tyler Blackburn and Natalie Distler to David A.R. White and Masi Oka, students of The Heller Approach have successfully created acting careers, and constantly keep their acting tools s0068arp with the studio. Brad's students have booked series regular, recurring, guest starring, and co-starring roles on hit shows like "Greys Anatomy", "Extant", "Heroes", "Anger Management", "Two And A Half Men", and "Mike And Molly". They have also starred in major Studio Films and Broadway theatre productions as well as and hundreds of commercials. Brad has also taught many professional comedians how to take their comedy and put it into a believable character ultimately leading to sit-com work.