The Heller Approach

The Heller Approach Teaches How to Master the Craft of "Acting Without Agony"

Based on Don Richardson’s Teaching, Los Angeles-based Acting Studio Uses the Non Method Acting Technique to Create Great Actors


North Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/14/2016 -- Nowhere in the definition of the word "dedication" is self-destruction mentioned. Dedication means hard work. It means persistence, commitment, devotion. Acting – as anyone who has ever taken it seriously knows – is a discipline that requires dedication. Often, however, it can be taken to such an extreme it ends up causing pain, grief, and even trauma to those acting. Unfortunately, some believe this is the only way to achieve great acting when – in reality – nothing could be further from the truth. One need not put their mind, body, and soul into a dark state every time the curtains open or the camera starts recording. Many great teachers and actors know and live by another kind of dedication to the craft they love.

The Heller Approach, founded in 1994 by Brad Heller (subsequent to Heller teaching acting at UCLA for 5 years), believes acting should be fun and exhilarating. While learning the skill of acting can be extremely rigorous – it need not be torturous. Training should equip actors with the ability to perform at the drop of a hat and not depend on the uncertain and unstable foundation Method Acting calls for (in more than one way). The Approach developed by Heller is built on a tried and true tradition that came long before it opened its doors over twenty years ago – a tradition or way of teaching that has shaped the artful presence of many of the greats such as Spencer Tracy, Anne Bancroft, Grace Kelly and Robert Redford – to name but a few.

The Non Method Acting Technique taught at The Heller Approach is based upon the lessons of the late Don Richardson, author of the critically acclaimed book "Acting Without Agony: An Alternative to The Method". Mr. Richardson devised an acting technique that was quite different from the torturous 'Method' – one that teaches another way of arriving at emotions. The fun, non self-dissecting, non method acting technique gives actors a very simple, structured way of working without making acting a complex, traumatic, painful experience. Additionally, it teaches students how to analyze a scene and create the most believable, entertaining characters in a very short period of time. In today's fast paced Hollywood entertainment industry, this is absolutely essential and its importance cannot be overstated enough. The practical tools The Heller Approach equips actors with are manifold and build a solid foundation for individuals pursuing any arena – including Styles of Entertainment, Believability, Scene Study, Emotion, Comedy, and Cold Read/Audition Technique.

"I love acting and teaching acting so much that I want to ensure it's as painless as possible for everyone. Don't get me wrong – it requires work – a LOT of work, but it should be enjoyable," shared Brad Heller. "Not every actor has to be a tortured actor. Countless individuals who aspire to become great actors have had very real traumatic events in their life. They should not have to depend on delving into that part of their psyche each and every time they perform – it is neither practical nor fair to expect that of anyone. The method I teach is very inclusive and has stood the test of time as is evident in some of the greatest to have ever graced the silver screen."

To learn more about The Heller Approach, visit or take a moment to watch some rich content and helpful tips from Brad himself on The Heller Approach's YouTube Channel (which boasts over 1 million views to date).

About The Heller Approach
From Judge Reinhold, Tyler Blackburn, and Natalie Distler to David A.R. White and Masi Oka, students of The Heller Approach have successfully created acting careers, and constantly keep their acting tools sharp with the studio. Brad's students have booked series regular, recurring, guest starring, and co-starring roles on hit shows like "Greys Anatomy", "Extant", "Heroes", "Anger Management", "Two And A Half Men", and "Mike And Molly". They have also starred in major Studio Films and Broadway theatre productions as well as and hundreds of commercials. Brad has also taught many professional comedians how to take their comedy and put it into a believable character ultimately leading to sit-com work.

"Since I started Brad's class I feel that I have come across a technique that works for me. I highly recommend classes with Brad Heller!" – Tyler Blackburn, Pretty Little Liars