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The Holding Pattern Brings Unprecedented Control for Bands to Showcase and Sell Music Online


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2012 -- Unsigned music artists and bands are singing the worldwide praises of the new music platform known as The Holding Pattern. The Holding Pattern is an innovative internal search engine Web portal where undiscovered bands and musicians can showcase and sell their music to fans and production companies.

Despite moving past the stranglehold of the major label era, artists must now grapple with the platforms that agree to sell tracks, but still limit earnings and exposure. The Holding Pattern is poised to change that outdated paradigm through its innovative platform where artists can post and sell the music with unprecedented control and earning potential. “Instead of dictating restrictive terms on how to promote your music, our platform tells artists that you can promote your band in a way that gives you and the worldwide audience unprecedented control,” said The Holding Pattern Founder Nick Arnold.

The Holding Pattern’s innovative Visualizer application utilizes an impressive 3D graphical discovery engine that allows consumers to experience and search music by genre, mood or similar artists. Production companies and creative entities can utilize the platform’s internal search engines to access a library of music made by independent artists that they can license for specific productions.

The online platform is more than just a way for artists to host, share and sell their independent music while retaining control of their copyrights. The marketplace offers an unprecedented 80-percent return on digital sales and 50-percent return on licensing revenue to independent bands and undiscovered artists. “Today’s independent artists get discovered via internal search engines like our platform,” said Arnold. “We’ve upped the ante by creating a singular location where both music fans and commercial users can access undiscovered music in one location for the first time.”

Undiscovered artists from around the world are constantly uploading new content to The Holding Pattern with a steady stream of artists already getting paid. As a longtime musician that has played in numerous bands and been signed to a major publishing house in Los Angeles, Arnold understands the frustrations of struggling artists and unfair payment. “Artists should have the right to decide the price for their music,” said Arnold. “We’ve pledged to provide that control in a forum that holds musicians, fans and commercial production users in high esteem.” For more information, please visit http://music.holdingpattern.com/

About The Holding Pattern
The Holding Pattern is an online platform where undiscovered musical artists can be heard and paid for their works with unprecedented return percentages and retention of copyrights. The platform features an innovative 3D discovery engine for consumers to search, listen and make digital purchases. The platform also allows production companies to purchase rights to the music of posted artists.