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The Holding Pattern Tells Musicians Everywhere to “Promote Your Band” via Sustainable Web Platform


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2012 -- The Holding Pattern announced today that the company is leveraging its newly launched website to tell musicians nationwide to “Promote your band.” By hosting tracks on the company’s robust platform, unsigned bands and artists everywhere will finally possess the opportunity to be discovered, heard and compensated for their hard efforts.

The company is dedicated to giving the power back to independent bands and artists. This includes giving them the right to dictate how much their tracks should be sold for. Moreover, The Holding Pattern has created a platform that allows automatic licensing to TV, radio, film, documentaries and additional media outlets to provide production companies with an instantaneous way to source music. This win-win scenario provides creative’s with quick access to new music while giving the bands and artists the exposure they need to kick-start their careers.

“The Holding Pattern is absolutely thrilled to show each and every musician nationwide how to promote your music,” said a company spokesman for The Holding Pattern. “We are providing a marketplace packed full of fantastic music just waiting to be discovered by consumers around the globe. The end results are increased revenue and control over the content for the musicians, and music lovers now have access to undiscovered tunes they never would’ve found without our Visualiser. For bands and artists, asking the question, ‘How do I promote my music?’ has finally been answered.”

The Holding Pattern has made locating undiscovered artists incredibly easy for music aficionados of all genres. The company created interactive visual search functionality called the Visualiser to allow the discovery of independent bands via keyword, genre and mood searches. Consumers can even look for new bands by entering whom they sound similar to. All this comprehensive data is presented as floating elements that users can click to find new music in a totally new, fascinating and organic way.

About The Holding Pattern
The Holding Pattern is a brand new platform that promotes and fosters the talent of undiscovered and independent creativity. The company is a marketplace that offers digital sales and licensing revenue where all artists can host, share, sell their work and still retain total control of all their copyrights. The company’s mission is to give power back to the artists, their fans and to allow people to explore and discover music they've never had the opportunity to listen to before. This is achieved by stacking virtual shelves with the most diverse and comprehensive collection of undiscovered and independent music on the planet. For more information and to sign up with the service today, please visit http://music.holdingpattern.com.