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The Home Builder Makes a Difference

Boger Homes, located in Lutz, Florida, has for years been building one of a kind custom homes. Specialize in water front homes as well as on your lot design/build.


Tampa, Fl -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2012 -- If you have never had a custom built or custom designed home done for you, you might not totally relate to these comments however, like a piece of art, most people know when they really appreciate what they see. A custom home from a home builder that has a flair for space, color, and home building materials can really add that finishing touch that can make the difference. A true home builder that focuses on custom homes is a Renaissance type of person that understands all of the facets of architectural design, interior decorating, and construction building all embodied in one. This is truly a talent that stretches beyond just the hammer and nails approach to home building. An understanding of foundation and materials required to be well laid and built are incredibly important.

Tampa has experienced a home building market where there multi-ted skill sets have been showcased by some of the country’s most talented custom home builders. Boger Homes, of Lutz and Tampa has emerged as one of the top custom home builders with all of these star qualities in its arsenal of building arrows. Many run of the mill home builders that only build cookie cutter frames and neighborhoods that are identical only to satisfy the volume requirements, offer no unique design or custom building talents to the city. Boger Homes seems to be sought out by those with an artistic and unique custom building penchant.

The lots where the custom homes are built and the settings are equally important for Boger Homes as such backdrops offer an aspect of home building aesthetics that cannot be replaced. How many such locations exist that can make a home building difference to a homeowner? The answer is many depending upon the area and demographics in Tampa. One advantage in Tampa is the beaches and proximity to the Gulf, Bay, and its climate. This is certainly irreplaceable and custom building in such beautiful surroundings spruce up a living community and add a culture and flair unique unto itself.

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