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The Hookah of Tomorrow: Future-Shisha, a Better and Safer Version of the Convectional Hookah Pipe


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2014 -- Future-Shisha the Electronic Shisha and E-Shisha Flavored Pens specialists are proud to introduce their wide range of e-shisha and electronic shisha pens available in a variety of different flavors to suit different needs and tastes of their buyers. The electronic shisha and e-shisha flavored pens are far safer for health than the traditional Hookah (as research suggests). The Hookah, also known as Shisha in many countries is a water pipe that is specially made to smoke an infused flavored tobacco, unlike smoking many people use a Shisha as a recreational activity not actively as an addiction.

Nonetheless, smoking hookah has its negative effects on the health on smokers and the people around the smoker. Popular estimates claim that a shisha smoking session is equal to smoking 100 cigarettes which equates to a lot of tar, smoke, nicotine and carbon monoxide, all the elements that are bad for health and cause many dangerous diseases such as mouth ulcers and lung cancers. Electronic Shisha and E-Shisha Flavored Pens eliminate the Tar, Carbon Monoxide, Tobacco and the flames and let the users relish the flavor and satisfaction of enjoying their favorite relaxing and recreational activity.

When using the Future Shisha E-Shisha users do not inhale the smoke instead they inhale a flavorsome vapor which is harmless and the exhale is odorless. Electronic Shisha is water free battery operated device which can mimic the effects, flavors and look of the traditional Shisha water pipe or more commonly look like a colored pen or cigarette. The electronic shisha from Future Shisha are available in three different types Rechargeable, which come with a rechargeable battery, a charger and the replaceable Cartomizer which holds the E-liquid, the second type is the disposable e-shisha and the third Refillable Electronic Shisha which has a battery, charger and Atomizer which can be refilled after it is empty.

The e-liquid is the colorless liquid which holds the flavor; it is made from non-poisonous and harmless safe ingredients. The main ingredients of Electronic Shisha are Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Flavoring and Nicotine if the buyers choose the nicotine variant; the e-shisha is also available in the no nicotine choice as an even safer option. Users can enjoy one of the many exciting flavors on offer by Future-Shisha including Vivid Vanilla, Bloom’in Blueberry, Fantastic Cherry, Red Strawberry, Special Pomegranate, Green Mint, Round Watermelon, Spicy Chocolate and many more. A satisfied Future Shisha User has shared:

“So pleased with the latest fashionable accessory!”

Future Shisha offers same day dispatch for their orders and Free UK delivery, to learn more about the Electronic Shisha and E-Shisha Flavored Pens and view their full range of products please visit:

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