The How Can You Grow Taller Website Launches


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2012 -- The How Can You Grow Taller website recently announced a total site redesign, that now features reviews by former “short in stature” individuals who have had success in growing taller.

Information about how to grow taller has been made available by “Ken,” who was a short-in-stature male himself. Now 25 years old and a father of three children, he attributes his current height of 5’11” to an accidental discovery of some simple techniques (discovered in 2009), which he uses on a daily basis.

“Over the past three years I have put in a lot of time researching all over the world about how doctors and individuals have learned how to add inches to their stature,” says Ken. “I guess I must own 200 books on the subject of human growth.”

According to Ken, “I wanted to make this site an important resource for persons who are really suffering due to their short height; and, their fear that they might not realize their full growth potential. The real difficulty stems from the fact that most young people don’t pay any attention to their diets and certain types of exercise; and, they believe that height is only a genetic issue. Honestly, they have become discouraged.”

Adding to the confusion, he says, is the fact that many “medical” websites simply rely on old information. Ken believes that every person should “take his health into his own hands along with medical advice from his doctor. Is there anything wrong with learning what other resources and people might have to say about growing taller!”

“Getting help from your primary care physician or a specialist is certainly a good idea; but don’t stop there. Getting information from other countries, as well as the numerous successful people around the world who have actually been able to grow taller, is one of the best things anyone can do for him or herself. We have a goal to broadcast the best testimonials recorded by real people who have done what some say is impossible. We are accomplishing this by soliciting product feedback from actual people who have taken their growth potential into their own hands. In fact, any current user of our suggestions is welcome to leave comments and feedback on our site.” Says Ken.

The site, How Can You Grow Taller includes many articles and up to date information on growth studies. You will see information about growth surgeries, nutrition, heredity, environment, physical activity, case studies, and overall success rates in the general population.

Commenting further, Ken noted that “We have tried to elicit very specific information from testimonials from people who have been able to grow taller against all odds. We have also tried to make the site easy to navigate. The information is easy to follow and state of the art. We tried not to leave any stone uncovered in terms of how you, or anyone, can grow taller.”

About How Can You Grow Taller
The site is beginning to rate the overall value of “how to grow taller” information: success stories, actual measurements, before-and-after photos, satisfaction, quality of information, good resources, and overall rating. The site boasts a detailed FAQ section and facts about safety.

Ken “How Can You Grow Taller”