Infinity Network Solutions

The HTG Hands That Give Program Gives Infinity Network Solutions Peace of Mind

HTG Hands That Give Program is helping Infinity Network Solutions with implementing a disaster recovery plan and then moving forward into execution.


Macon, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2011 -- Planning for near term and long-term survivability in the event of a disaster is not always in the forefront of business owners' minds. Such was the case with Infinity Network Solutions. Plans were in place for the long term but were they prepared for the short term?

If one were to think about disaster recovery plans, Infinity Network Solutions didn't have a good plan in place. So they turned to HTG and signed up as an HTG member of the Hands That Give Program. The program itself is two pronged in that there is an emergency response team that will respond to IT solution providers should they find themselves up against a disaster, as well as HTG members that might have been affected by a personal crisis that could include anything from sickness, divorce, death of an employee or other crises.

Infinity Network Solutions now has within reach an organization that has helped put tools in place to help plan for the unexpected. The tools have permitted Infinity to map out a workable roadmap while giving them flexibility in implementing and executing the process contained within that roadmap.

Robert Betzel, President and CEO of Infinity Network Solutions told us before an interview, "One of the most important things that I can do for my clients and employees is ensure we are an organization that can overcome obstacles. One of those obstacles is a disaster, whether it happens to us or our clients. The HTG Hands That Give Program has helped put tools in place to help us plan for these disasters.

Infinity Network Solutions now has peace of mind for themselves, as well as their clients. This program will also give Infinity an opportunity to stand up and be counted as willing and available to assist others that may find themselves in the same predicament.

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